2020 Soundtracks/Scores of the Year

Could do a top 5 and then I’ll add up the results?

If so standard format - Artist followed by Album Title with 5 points for first place down to 1 point for fifth place

Not sure there will be enough engagement for that though so alternatively just a chance to highlight some of your favourite soundtracks/scores from the year.

Broadest definition so can be from film, tv, video games, theatre, dance; essentially any music that has been written or compiled to accompany another piece of art.

To keep it broad I think also fine to include anything that has been released for the first time even if it is say for a film released long ago and also new artist or other compilations. Or however you want to interpret it really.

My top 5

  1. Laurel Halo - Possessed
  2. Julia Holter - Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always
  3. Mogwai - ZeroZeroZero
  4. Dev Hynes - Queen & Slim
  5. Cavern of Anti-Matter - In Fabric

Did not know this, really enjoyed the music.

Will have a think

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I really like the score Warren Ellis did for “This Train I Ride”.
You could argue it was last year as the film was first shown in 2019 but the soundtrack wasn’t released until this year.

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Blanck Mass - Calm with Horses.
Mogwai - Zerozerozero


Cavern of Anti-Matter- In Fabric ST
Johann Johannsson, Yair Elazar Glotman- First and Last Men ST
Colin Stetson- Barksins (National Geographic Original Series ST)
Ben Frost- Dark: Cycle 3 (Original Series ST)
Ben Babbitt- Kentucky Route Zero ST


Haven’t heard of this. Will check it out. Cheers.

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Kamasi Washington - Becoming
Forest Swords - The Machine Air
Philip Glass - Tales From The Loop
Nathan Johnson - Knives Out

edit: Just checked and two of these were from late last year but time is elastic in 2020. Fuck it.


Good call, need to listen to this. Brick soundtrack is an all time favourite of mine.

Good idea. I can’t do ‘definitive’ lists anymore for any genre, it’s too hard! but here’s a few I enjoyed and you can take the first 5

In Fabric, still discovering so many layers to that.
Fingerspit - Atticus IV (OST to a game that was in development but abandoned)
Heather MacIntosh - The Quarry.
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Third Day
Owen Pallett - Spaceship Earth
Roly Porter - Paper Beast
Johann Johansson has had a few posthumous releases now, but I think Last And First Men is really really powerful, up there with his best.
I’ve only heard it once so far but the score for Antebellum really struck me, film itself is pretty divisive. (Nate Wonder & Roman Gianarthur.)
Theodore Shapiro - Bombshell


Great list. Thanks,

Love the Utopia soundtrack and the Black Mirror episode CTdV did.
Had no idea about the Roly Porter album either.

Third Day is really interesting, Dickon Hinchcliffe (of Tindersticks) did the other ‘half’ of the soundtrack and then they sort of sampled both. Almost passed me by too. It’s easy for stuff in this realm to pass you by, I don’t even watch tv or film much so that doesn’t help haha.

Cristobal has such a unique sound doesn’t he. Seems like a sound guy too.

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Listening to Summer now - great stuff.

I was actually thinking there that he’d do a fascinating job with the Hellraiser remake if they gave it to him.

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I’m a bit out of touch with tv stuff at the moment so hadn’t even heard of The Third Day.

Utopia OST was so unique and brilliant but his subsequent releases felt a bit of a retread. Black Mirror ep and now this has definitely widened his palette though, whilst not just turning generic.

This wasn’t intended to be definitive or anything along those lines but put together an hour of 2020 soundtrack/score highlights for my latest radio show.



Warren Ellis - The Rules Concerning Men (This Train I Ride) Invada Records
Fingerspit - High Pitched Fate (Atticus VII) self-released
Amos Roddy, M.Robertson - Dissolve (Cloud Gardens) self-released
Jonathan Goldsmith - The Double (Dreamland) Lakeshore Records
Coby Sey - Frequency (Mass) Curl Recordings
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Woman in Yellow III (The Staggering Girl) Sony
Makeup and Vanity Set - Peacekeeper (Up and Vanished) Lakeshore Records
Andy Fosberry - Figures in the Woods (Blair, Maryland) Spun Out Of Control
Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Parousia (The Third Day: Summer) HBO
aivi & surasshu - Memories in the Mist (Ikenfell) Materia Collective
Kevin Penkin - Rachel (Tower of God) Milan Records
Kristian Eidnes Andersen - Vivarium (Vivarium) Sony
Mogwai - Lesser Glasgow (ZeroZeroZero) Rock Action Records
Terence Blanchard - End Credits, Perry Mason Chapter 2 (Perry Mason:Season 1) WaterTower Music
Anne Nikitin - Miramax Early Days (Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein) Lightbox Media
Nate Wonder, Roman GianArthur - Day Broken (Antebellum) Lionsgate
Colin Stetson - Peaceful Here Now (Deliver Us) Milan Records
Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans - Enjoy Your Stay (The Rental) Lakeshore Records
Lustmord - Ancient Voices Whisper (The Empty Man) 20th Century Studios
Augustus Muller - Consumption (Machine Learning Experiments) Nude Club
Ensemble Eriu - Seachrán Sí (If Found) Annapurna Interactive
Richard Lewis - Reel (trad) (Oathbreaker II) self-released
Amanda Jones - Hattie’s First Day (Twenties) Lakeshore Records
Az Samad, Clyde Rabatel - DK West Encounter 1 (French) (No Straight Roads) Boss Battle Records

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Looks fantastic - I’ll try and listen later tonight.

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Nice list from Norman’s


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vgm list as well from A Closer Listen/Press A

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There hasn’t been a single score/soundtrack that’s grabbed my attention but Jacaszek’s album collecting his film work has been one of my favourite albums of the year.

(I came to it via his work on the film November, which I recommend to anyone who likes the idea of some black and white Estonian surrealist folktale fantasy.)

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Thanks for posting this, it’s great.

I think it was on my to listen list but got lost in the shuffle at some point.

Anyway it’s exactly the sort of stuff I love. Cheers.

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