2020 thread (all months) rolling

Please restrict all your posting to this thread throughout 2020.

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Thank you for your cooperation

Any NYD plans, big man?

Is 2020 an upgraded Theo?

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Made something from green roasting tin and Yotters Otters.

Friends were supposed to be coming but they have had some shitty news about their four week old so have cancelled…

The boy is playing BotW and won’t shut up about it.

Then a walk.

Then darts final.


Sounds decent. Not much tbh pal, gonna get some brunch and then sort my life out and declutter my flat. 2020 starts tomorrow doesnt it!!!


It is the year 2020. I am posting in this thread. Life is good.

Everyone please remember that this is a leap year, so we will be posting in here on 29th February too. I seem to remember a lot of people slipping up on that in 2016, and it really soured the year.


Sometimes I will tell people my birthday (28th Feb) and they will say “oh lucky it wasn’t the 29th! You’d only have a birthday every 4 years.”

This is impossible. The truth is I simply was not born on a leap year.


Good luck pal

Tokyo Olympics this year. Softball is one of the sports! That’s going to be terrific.

Cheers mate. Hoping to roll MVG over.

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International soft(men)ball

Bring on the wall?

Don’t know if GB have a team, or if it’s too late for me to somehow qualify.

Breath of the Wild unfortunately. Rip Dale


You’re the boss

Had you down as a UK remake, the upper hand, kinda guy.

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No I was signalling my compliance.

Was the upper hand a remake then?