2020 thread (all months) rolling

Breath of the Wild unfortunately. Rip Dale


You’re the boss

Had you down as a UK remake, the upper hand, kinda guy.

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No I was signalling my compliance.

Was the upper hand a remake then?

Yeah of (now I remember) who’s the boss.

Or so my grandad told me.


big year for the opticians, this

Because of the extra day in February?


We’re not still doing that nonsense are we? Thought we’d knock that on the head by now.

I don’t feel so good guys. Can someone make it all better?

Until we can work out how to orbit the sun just a little faster, it’s still necessary.

I’ll have a think

Gone for the walk. I thought the pram was in the boot, my wife thought I was putting it in the boot while she was in the loo. It is not in the boot. We didn’t take the sling either.

She’s gone off around the lake in a huff with the boy while I sit in the cold with a sleeping baby.



Think april will be great

Best number of days in a month

  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
  • 31

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I love February being short. Ideally all months would be exactly four weeks long.

You could have a 13 (28 day) month format for a year, with a day left over that you could have as an extra bh.

Oh, and month 13 would be designated ‘a month of sundays’

Might stand for new labour leader on this platform


sorry warno


So my birthday would always be on a tuesday :thinking: I can live with that.