2021 Bangers

Haven’t seen one of these yet. Heard any bangers from 2021 yet?

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Strong start to the thread!



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Filthy earworm

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Literal interpretation of banger there


A couple from the 2021 Rave Edition of that Grimes album from last year…

I probably posted this in the 2019 thread but Idc.


Feel like Deal With It is the bigger banger on that album (though not entirely sure either counts as a banger, good as they are)

That was quite something quite epic. Wow!

Squid are ace.

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i fucking LOVE this track

This is fucking mental, love it.

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I cannot decide if I absolutely love this or if it sounds too much like the guy from FDC is rapping.

Great live version of this one

Might consider starting a separate thread for live youtube stuff

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Shame - Harsh Degrees

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