🐌🐌🐌🐌 2021 calendars for sale 🐌🐌🐌🐌

This time last year I did a calendar with my illustrations. It was really popular (@Ruffers and @anon89873996 definitely enjoyed theirs) and so I’m doing another one in the same style. Here’s some examples from last year- this year will have different images in the same style. Still a Mari Lwyd for December though.

Turns out I need to go and buy the paper in person tomorrow if I want the same nice paper as last year because it’s a real pain to get delivered unless I bulk buy it, so I’m trying to figure out how much to buy. So I wanted to get an idea of how many people here would be interested to add to my total. They are A5 calendars on luxury paper and will cost Β£8 including postage in the UK.

  • I am interested in getting one
  • I am above such things as months

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I get mine from my friend every year but I would like yours too. How many calendars is too many?

You could take up being like middle aged Dutch people as well and keep a perpetual birthday calendar in the downstairs loo.

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Actually this makes thrwe i want for next year. Gah! I have two up for 2020 and a little fridge one that M made so it wouldn’t actually be an increase on current stats. I LOVE the bug in all the flowers!

fancy mantis
This is the photo that inspired that one

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(That’s the moth’s pose, not my feelings about your lovely illustrations)


That mantis manages to put a lot of sass into shrugging

I am very interested in the opossum print. I could have 12 solid months of the same opossum pic and I would be overjoyed.

It was originally a gig poster in pink, and I reused the artwork and recoloured it. I think of it as a possum kitchen sink drama from the 60s- she turns up at the door with the litter to surprise him.

(I’ve still got the prints of that design here- http://shop.anoteonarainynight.com/shop-2/prints/augprint/)

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I love pictures of opossum mums when the bbies get too big for her back and she seems to be thinking β€œGet your paw out my eye or I will turn around and there will be no trash for anyone!”

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I love the mushroom print on your site :smile:

And the house. Actually I wonder if I sent you photos of some houses near me if you’d do a private commission illustrating them in a similar way to that? Not right now as I have no income but in the new year

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Yep, sure, always up for doing that.

The mushroom print was also a gig poster originally.

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Managed to go and get all the paper for this today at least


Instantly knew I had to get that one!

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Has your parcel arrived yet?

Not yet! Getting antsy! It’ll give me more time to find the right frames though!

Lovely illustrations! Sadly, postage from the UK is such a crapshoot right now I’d be lucky to see a calendar before March…

The fiviest of yeses

Inked artwork for the December page. Quite a few things to clean up in photoshop before colouring.

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