2021 Christmas Countdown Thread

Holidays are coming!


fucks sake


Which to choose…


Vandalism plz


Best get the tree up!

Only 300 and something sleeps

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I hear LadBaby’s in pole position for the festive number one with Sausage Roll Spirit (Sausage Roll Out)

Well, why not. Merry Xmas Everybody was probably recorded in July

Holidays are coming

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Saw Christmas chocolates in Superdrug yesterday.

'tis indeed the season, and in this case 'tis summer.


Yeah. As soon as the “back to school” section cleared in came the Christmas stuff. Also Great Movies Classic has switched to Christmas.

Holidays are coming

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Fucks sake

  • started writing my Christmas list
  • started Christmas shopping
  • started thinking about what to get people
  • started planning Christmas Day
  • started planning meals

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I meant to have a look if they’d got any in Sainsbo yesterday but got distracted.

Stock levels were pretty bleak in general, so I’m guessing they probably didn’t.

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I planned it very thoroughly, prepped as much in advance etc. and had the best Christmas ever last year. Everyone who was there said it was the best one ever too. planning works imo.

Started planning when to see family in December, not much else though. Will be our first Christmas living in a new place, which is pretty exciting.