2021 College Football Thread

C’mom Toledo!

Ffs, coming down to the wire

Nice play on the 2 pointer to keep it alive

Yeah, great stuff.

Fair play to the QB getting his finger dislocated and going straight back in as well

Toledo just fucking themselves here

Oh ffs

Yeah that was one messy final drive attempt.

Now enjoying some drama with Texas A&M and Colorado.

My father in law is in Miami today to support MSU against the Hurricanes, I’m jealous but he he looks like a sweaty mess.

Now that’s a pick


Actual hurricane bearing down on the Hurricanes

Oof nasty injury in the Purdue / Notre Dame game. Receiver hit the turf and bounced off it like concrete. Of course they repeated it many many times.

The kind of advert you get during an Alabama / Florida game: the US Department of Veteran Affairs urging users to keep a lock on their guns to help prevent suicide.

Goodnight all


I mean, objectively a very bad play, cost his team about 20 yards of field position by not knocking it down.

Probably let him off though.

Amazing but also worse than just batting the pass down

Oh ffs. Read the thread aggers

How are the Aggies ranked the top ten? They look like BUMS.