2021 First Quarter

Hello, DiS! I hope you’re keeping well?

Unbelievably, we have just completed the first quarter of the year! How do you feel? Did it go well for you? Did you have any New Years Resolutions that you kept or cast aside?

I wanted to do more creative things this year and so far, I have, which is nice. However, I also want to learn to crochet at some point and have yet to even pick up the hook.

The best thing has been getting settled into a new house and my parents and in-laws getting all vacc’d up.

Please feel free to share your Q1 highlights, feelings, thoughts, successes, etc.


Hi @Squandered!

Started really well. Kept up my daily workouts, etc. but that all went to shit. Had some family stuff going on in the background that really dragged me down. Stopped paying attention to Covid news and caring what people were doing after the Christmas carry on which has been a relief of sorts.

Things are looking up now, feeling a bit more positive about… everything. Still a frustration about not being able to do anything or not having seen family for a year but we’re getting there.

In the last week or so I’ve felt more focussed and ready to move on. Maybe it’s the weather. I’ve certainly savoured this long weekend and I feel like I’m ready to get on with the sort of self reflection and improvement I was doing well with up until the end of last summer.

I’m feeling good, optimistic, excited yet a bit anxious but when am I not?


Quite good tbh all things considered. 7/10


It has been an interesting Q1. I’ve achieved absolutely nothing I wanted to achieve.

:-1: so much bullshit with my landlord/flat which has totally dominated Q1…

:+1: …but it is now sorted, unless landlord attempts any shenanigans with my deposit; just like last year’s redundancy, I’ve come out the shit smelling of roses (it appears; my flat is dirt cheap for a 2 bed in TW and it’s a good size/location and looks nice!!)

:+1: I have been able to camp out with parents for all but 3 weeks of this year so far, I really think without this I would have hurt myself. My family are nowhere near perfect but they’ve been very supportive and helpful for the most part so I can mostly overlook how arse backwards they are on most things.

:+1: despite enormous negative impact of housing situation, I am doing very well at work

:+1: unexpectedly got my first jab in Feb

:-1: I’ve always been very indoors oriented anyway but Kent having been in non-stop highest restrictions since start of November has made me completely uninterested in leaving the house or going outside at all. I haven’t even been in the garden when the weather was nice this week. Going over the threshold doesn’t even cross my mind unless I need to do something. I don’t think this is a good development for me.

:-1: … although this is also partly because I stacked my ankle, it’s mostly fine now but I still get tweaks and twinges a month on.

:+1: played shitloads of Sims and achieved a bunch of stuff on there that I never have before

:+1: we are 6 weeks away from indoor socialising!! this will completely transform my life and make it worth living again, pubs are properly open the day after ol’ Pervy’s birthday and I already have a Travelodge meet-up(/hook-up) with my distance core friendship group planned. Oh my god I cannot wait.


I’ve had one vaccine. Need two for a full set.

I’ve had an average of less than 10 units of alcohol each week. My target is 10/ week max.

I’ve done 8 hrs of exercise. My target is 100 hours for the year but I still think I will get close to that.

I’m still working in the same job but I’ve resigned myself to being here for the near future.


awful, had to move house twice and it cost me a bomb, felt the most depressed I have in the whole of the pandemic, put on a tonne of weight, hated it hated it hated.

but it has given me pause for thought and it has made me make some big decisions about the future and realise what I want… which is getting the fuck out of the UK asap. so that’s good! maybe it was needed.

sharp upturn in mood as soon as the weather started improving, so hopefully Q2 will be much improved.



First thought was 1/10 because I’ve achieved none of my goals and my physical and mental health is worse than it was in the summer and there is a lot I’m angry at myself about not doing better, but then I’m being ungrateful should think about the positives:
-my family are alive and well, including extended family
-my dumb, dear cat is still alive (very much worried for him due to his new hobby of roaming the busy streets in the neighbourhood)
-my PhD isn’t going as well as I want but I haven’t dropped out or anything and I have a very supportive supervisor
-i launched a shop on the first of February very tentatively of jewellery I made and it is doing a lot better than I thought it would (www.instagram.com/roseaeshop) and it is teaching me a healthy attitude towards success and failure and trying something different if one thing fails rather than withering up and quitting in tears lol

A winter lockdown is just as tough as I thought it would be so glad we are easing into better weather and less restrictions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 4/10 total, glad to see the back of this quarter and looking forward to things improving


It has slowly got better over the last month or so with some restrictions starting to be eased, but my word it’s been tedious. And that’s being fortunate enough to be able to continue working. My housemate has been furloughed since December and has been climbing the walls. Really don’t know how he - and anyone else in that position - has coped with it, tbh.

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Mostly stayed home and played computer games, for a change of pace.


Hi squandered,

Pretty shite all told. Very wary of being all woe is me, but about 95% of my work got cancelled and the self employed support loan got pushed back several times, so I’ve mostly been sat doing very little and feeling shite about myself. Had some family shite going on as well which sucks when you can’t see them.

I didn’t make any resolutions but have been trying to use the free time to work on music and things when in the right frame of mind. Feeling good that more people are vaccinated now and getting out for more walks and things feeling at least a bit less fraught and anxious. Starting a new job next week (*TOUCH WOOD*) so hope things will improve from here on out.

2.8/10 WNQ


Glad things are looking up now! Hopefully we’re all back in the world seeing our loved ones soon. Mad that it’s been such a long time now. Agree with stopping paying attention to covid news and worrying about what others are doing. That is a weight none of us need.

Definitely think the weather changing is a big mood booster, feels like it was a very long dark winter this year. Hopefully it’s an especially sweet Spring/Summer.

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Happy for you and your new flat!!! Congratulations! And also in smashing it professionally while all the personal junk was going on, huge achievement. Glad the ankle is getting better too.

With you on the indoors orientation thing, I am becoming very reluctant to leave the house and no longer even want to meet people anymore. Feel like we’ve created an actual cocoon now, and this is it for me.


Moving is shit anyway but extra shit when it’s not even your choice as such to do it, sorry you’ve been in these situations. Hope your current place is good. Where bounce you thinking to move, hun?

  • not had the vaccine
  • had the first
  • had both

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It’s been SHIT, every good thing that has happened has been thoroughly demolished by the ongoing horrormare that is my life. I grab good bits as and when I can and hold onto them like precious jewels. Really hoping stuff gets better soon. Honestly really glad for everyone who’s having a good time or seeing light at the end of their personal tunnel, and to those who aren’t HOLD ON, you will get through this. We will get through this


Glad everyone is ok, even (especially) dumb cat! Long may he roam and prosper.

Ok but imagine even getting into a phd in the first place let alone it going even kind of ok??? Massive achievement anyway, but hope you’re getting the support that helps and it all gets a little smoother soon. What you studying?


Current place is great, was the first into a house share and no one else has moved in yet, got a 4 bed to myself :heart_eyes:

Moving to Valencia probably, do some English teaching. If that doesn’t work out I’ll go anywhere in Europe.

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Hoard those jewels, GFS!! I’m not sure what the situation is but I wish you well and do let us know if there’s any way DiS can help out. We will get through this, and in five years time it’ll all be a distant memory.

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Didn’t have any real targets to meet but overall pretty good considering the state of everything. Bought a second hand guitar at Christmas, been enjoying having something that I can spend 20-30 mins on every night after the kids have gone to bed and have already made a fair bit of progress. Glad our eldest is back in school, it’s given the younger one a bit of time on her own which I think everyone has enjoyed.


Had been pretty solidly navigating Q1 in pretty much all ways, and as of Friday the world has decided to stretch out, do its warm ups, take a little run up and kick me in the junk at an inconceivably hard level.

I have spent two days processing the various events and tbh don’t have much space for anger in me (gotta be careful on booze and depression fronts tho) and now have a week off to try and regroup mentally.