2021 First Quarter

Sorry to hear that, keep your head up boss!


Sounds really shit, sorry you’re going through this. Hope your week off helps, really sounds like a good idea to have the week to sort through how you’re feeling and regroup. Big hugs.


hugely uneventful to the point where i can’t believe 3 months have passed since Christmas

however my mood has been much improved since 2020 Q4 so i guess i’ll give it a 7

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Good luck for your new job!! Remember you saying in another thread that you’d been shafted by some other place, so very glad you’ve got this lined up. Hope it heralds a very positive and fun Q2 and beyond!


Pretty shit. Had a fucking crazily hectic few months at work what with lockdown stuff, stocktaking, huge deliveries ready for a hugely busy season ahead. My wife has been switching meds so has been really up and down mood wise which is tough to see and I’ve been busy making sure she has everything she needs. My own MH has been pretty in the toilet for the last year with one thing and another too. Our flat in Plymouth has sold and we’re now in a race against time to buy somewhere around here.

However, we’re somehow in a better position financially than ever before and actually managed to open a savings account (I mean we’re still getting by solely on my low-income job and we’re not rich by any means but still) and I’ve reaffirmed some really nice and important friendships (on here, not irl don’t be silly) that have helped a lot recently. My marriage is in a better state than ever and my family are nearby where a lot of people’s aren’t.

Tldr; some good, some really shit. 4/10 maybe.


Found out I’m pregnant about three weeks into the year, so that makes it a 10/10 I reckon.


:heart: this is amazing and I’m very happy for you.


Aw mate! Congrats!!


Woohoo! Congratulations!

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It’s weird because I don’t have any issue with people really when I am out, there’s just something about leaving the house - I’ve always had a weird trepidation about leaving the house but it’s just levels above that now! I assume it is a mix of internalised OUTSIDE IS DANGEROUS and there being nothing to do outdoors. I get bored so easily outside if there’s not a person to see or an event to attend whereas indoors surrounded by manmade options I never run out of things to do

yesssss! Nice one mate. I hope the first thing you do after they’re born is set up a DiS account called plasticbaby


This has made my night, congratulations!!


Genuinely lol’d at this


Very much this

weird cos on paper big stuff has happened but it feels like nothing has happened, and i can’t believe it’s been 3 months

:partying_face: congratulations!

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I’ll assume the spoilered bit says ‘a cyclist’.


Hello there Squandered and everyone else.

Q1 has been really hard but also some really good things have happened. The TV and I moved into a beautiful new house that we own and that has been a real godsend. I’ve also finished a record with a friend and got some much better music practice in. Also been running and lost quite a bit of weight.

However we had some really heavy personal stuff at the beginning of the year which as been a real weight, and it’s still taking its toll. My mental health has sometimes been worse than it’s ever been in the last couple of months (though it’s a bit better now). Work has been hard, and I haven’t seen my family for 18 months now.

So I’ll give it a 4/10. At least spring is coming, hope that’ll help.

Congratulations!!! :partying_face:

Sorry to hear chief - hope things improve soon :heart:

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