2021 gift buying thread

Please use this thread to post good gift ideas or ask for suggestions.

It’s my dad’s birthday soon and I’m not sure what to get him. He loves sport (all but especially football and cricket) and music. He does not drink or do anything tech related. I usually end up getting him a book, a jumper and some other bits. I was thinking of having a meal delivered from a local restaurant but he and his wife already have plans for a takeaway. Any ideas?

This is a very good book

Loads of good football books about too.


Ticket to Eng v India test later in the year.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.

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Google tells me this is in Ahmedabad, which might be out of my price range!



Those ones are happning now. There’s tests in England in the Summer in various places

ahhh ok. Is there a main website that lists the locations? Googling is confusing me further. This could be a great gift idea for him.


I think it’s these:

England v India LV= Insurance Test Series

Wed 4-8 Aug (11am) Trent Bridge
Thu 12-16 Aug (11am) Lord’s
Wed 25-29 Aug (11am) Emerald Headingley
Thu 2-6 Sept (11am) Kia Oval
Fri 10-14 Sept(11am) Emirates Old Trafford

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Yup https://www.ecb.co.uk/tickets/england

Theres other games too but the India ones are the most high profile, id say.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Which would be better the ones at Lord’s or Kia Oval? Also, should I pick the last day? He’s always off work on a Sunday so that works best. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I have never been to either, Lords is the more prestigious ground but id guess more expensive.

They dont usually sell tickets to the last day as most games these days dont need the full 5 days so I tend to go for day 4, but some games dont last that long sometimes so might be better to go day 3. But any day is good. Day 4 is a Sunday at Lords so that might be good.

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That’s really helpful, thank you so much!

So sorry @Unlucky one more question if you don’t mind! Is it better to sit at the end or the side?

Its quite personal preference, but I’d go somewhere in 4,6, 11,14 and out from there if tixs aren’t available

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Thank you :heart:

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They definitely do, but at a much reduced price, and normally non refundable. We had day 4 and day 5 for a test (vs India) at the ageas bowl in 2018 (maybe) and they’d omitted the non refund clause, so managed to get the cash back as England bowled India out with 5 overs or so left on day 4

@shes_so_high try and get day 3 or 4 tickets as he’ll see a chunk of action with a much reduced risk of the game being over by the time it rolls round.

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I don’t think you’ll get that much choice but if you can avoid the Compton and Edrich lower stands then do. Up the back they are under cover and can be a bit of a cold depressing concrete wind tunnel while your watch everyone else basking in the sun.

Don’t know if it’s different due to covid but usually tickets are in a ballot so getting them is pretty hit and miss.

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Some random things from Christmas that people may find helpful

My mum sent us some biscuits from here, they were both very tasty and incredibly cute / well decorated. Recommended.


This guy does online life drawing sessions, I bought my partner a block of sessions and she’s really happy with them. They’re just on zoom and they email you links for each session, so no admin fuss once you pay.

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I’m struggling to find any decent seats as the only ones available are quite far back and I’m not sure that’ll be any good.

Try The Oval instead - it’s far better than Lords :+1: