2021 gift buying thread

It’s sold out apart from the Monday, which my dad wouldn’t be able to go to.

I’m now looking at tickets myself. Gaaah!

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My ATD is a bit down in the dumps with lockdown at the minute. He’s a drummer who teaches in schools and plays in wedding bands and obviously he can’t do either at the minute. I want to get something delivered to him that might cheer him up a little. Something around £10. We have an ongoing joke about Supermalt which he loves. I was looking to see if I could get some delivered but it seems you can only get 24 packs on amazon and anywhere else I’ve seen it, the websites have looked a bit iffy.

He’s a big reader but he’s working his way through Penguins 250 books to read before you die and I don’t think he’s read any of the books I’ve bought him over the past few years yet cus he’s determined to finish this list.

I was then thinking of just something stupid like a Nick Cage shirt but all the cheap ones are coming from China so will take a few weeks.

Any ideas anybody?

I just went searched on etsy, set to UK sellers, a lot of things you could buy

But this stuck out

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Can any one recommend

A) Nice espresso martini kit (maybe @elthamsmateowen or @JaguarPirate can help)
B) a good air-dry pottery kit

Oh yes! Good find!


These are really good. The coffee liqueur is delicious just by itself too.

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I’ve only ever made them up with little finds or whatever, but my friend got a kit from taste cocktails/not on the high street and said it was really nice (they got a different cocktail though)

Got this as a birthday gift from my wife, customised Russian dolls with our family on them drawn from pictures she sent to someone on Etsy. They’re really cute and my kids especially love them. Would be a great gift for any family, particularly if there are young children to make sense of the sizes. The likenesses are pretty good, not just the faces - she’s drawn our clothes very recognisably too.

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Given my new love of pottery I’m going to try and handmake most of my holiday gifts this year.

I have ideas for most of my in-laws already.
MIL - dip bowl set
SIL - mug in some Halloweeny theme
BIL - set of shot cups

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This is a brilliant idea. Unpainted ones are a fiver on Amazon. Going to give it a go myself.