2021. Is there a new "talkie" music scene?

At my age I am comfortable listening mostly to my old records / music. However, since buying a new turntable in February I have bought more music this year than I have in simply ages.

What I have noticed, and someone pointed this out in another thread but I forget where so a nod to that… Is that great emerging artists in 2021 do have a feel of the vocal being clearly decipherable and more than that often telling you a near story.

With brief consideration, it could be that I’m enjoying my new music set up, it could be some near post pandemic positive lift, it could be wanting to hear people after an isolating time for all, a connection, a book in music form almost, I dunno…

Is there a new talkie music scene?


Does seem to have been a wave of more spoken word style stuff. Probably just a coincidence.

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'Think Mustafa might drop the album of the year, time will tell. Nice mellow reset feel 2021 has. Positive. Real.

Pick a chord, any chord
Pick 21st century rip-off bands with a new rasp
Brass neck, copy me, right

Not everyone will get this reference I’m sure.


Definitely a trend at the moment

And it’s a bit of a joke theory from me though there’s probably some truth in it but I think vocalists are listening to podcasts more so than music nowadays, or at least a lot more and that consciously or not is influencing their vocals.

Even if it’s just in snippets you get presenters on podcasts talking over music so I think this why it isn’t as jarring as it would have been 10/15 years ago.

Without a vocal melody I personally find myself paying more attention to the lyrics, typically with a more “classic” singer normally takes a few listens for me to connect with what they’re saying as it’s the vocal melody and rhythm that catches me first.

Hard drive is so gorgeous, I fell instantly in love with it and embrace this season of Sprechgesang

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More people are listening to music on headphones - talking + headphones = $$$$$$$$$$$$ as it feels super intimate
Thats why ASMR is taking off

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