2021 Local and Mayoral Elections

Coming up on 6 May. Discussion here. Or not.

I just stumbled across this post about Lib Dem barcharts and I know everyone here loves a bit of those.

This guy is the local Tory running for PCC in my area.

Dear god.


Senedd elections here in Wales, terribly exciting stuff!

By exciting I mean the polling shows a horrific narrowing of the gap between the current Labour government and the Tories, and if we end up with a Tory Senedd then I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

I’d say you could escape over the border but, well, yeah, ummmm

I’m not coming to the fascist nexus you can’t make me GWLAD, GWLAD, PLEIDIOL WYF I’M GWLAD!

got so het up there I forgot how to spell for a sec

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Mayoral and Police commissioner one round here.

Not heard a squeak from any of the candidates mind you, other than the Tory who doesn’t like to advertise being a Tory putting some of his crayon maps of train and tram lines through the door.

Sadiq is obviously going to win the London mayor so to ease my Labour heartbreak I might vote for Count Binface.

Why not both? (you have two votes)

I’m standing as the Labour candidate for Borough Councillor for my village.

I know that the party leadership / PLP (justifiably) get a bit of a kicking presently - but fundamentally, at a local level, we’re a grassroots organisation, and I think that we’re doing a pretty good job of opposing the local Tory party and their ineptitude.


I did not know this! Good luck :pray:

I think you’re in the same village that my mates are so I’ll mention it to them.

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don’t want to give Labour money anymore but I imagine I will still go and vote for them on the day, there’s no way we’re getting rid of Peter Bone though

Thank you!

Didn’t know until a couple of days ago that Stephen Williams was running, the Lib Dems have gone advertising crazy round here though. Feels like every other garden has a sign in it all of a sudden.

Hoping the Greens might win the mayoral race and control of the council, Marvin’s done himself no favours with his response to Kill the Bill.

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For some reason I thought you were in a different village, I don’t know anyone in that one :frowning: Best of luck though!

Not to worry.

Which village did you think I was in?


The Labour candidate for Rusthall is brilliant. She runs the local food bank.

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Having met him several times, i’m yet to be dissuaded from my opinion that the guy is a bit of a twat.

That’s amazing! Really hope you get in. Can you put Bramble and Bertie on your leaflets? You’d be raking in the votes!

My leaflet’s already done. Regrettably I didn’t think to capitalise on the dogs. Bollocks.

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