2021 Local and Mayoral Elections

Managed decline.


The Tories haven’t even made a manifesto for Cambs County Council. They’re still likely to win a majority.

Normal country.

I’ve got 5 things to vote for tomorrow.
County councillor
District councillor
Parish Councillor
Police commissioner
Neighbourhood plan

Good luck @weeber :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Right now I think that I’ve got more chance of winning Miss World though.

The count isn’t until Saturday. I’ve got to be at the Town Hall to witness it at 8:30am.

8:30am on a Saturday…


Is it to late to withdraw? :wink:

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Only had 1 flyer through the door: from the Greens. Looks like they’ve got my vote.

I didn’t receive any flyers other than the official booklet.

It was only five minutes before I left to vote that I checked my polling cards and realised that there was an additional one for Tower Hamlets to vote whether to change from a having a local Mayor to having a Leader. I didn’t have a clue, so had to have a quick Google. But surely most people won’t have an idea and will just tick whichever box when they get the to the polling booth?

Anyway, Binface, Khan, Green, Green, Leader.

Honestly don’t think I’m gonna bother voting today, is this shameful?

Might as well go and vote for the least worst option. You don’t have to feel proud about it afterwards


Is there a place where I can type my postcode in and have a look at the choices before I go off to the polling station?

I used this earlier (wasn’t sure where my polling station was either)



We’ve only got PCC elections here. Can’t recall ever voting for a PCC, seems like a silly role tbh but our current PCC is a Tory who supports that awful Police, Crime & Sentencing bill. The Green candidate seems decent and wants the PCC role abolished so she’ll probably get my vote.


Early Tom Jones lyrics needed etc

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My local Labour person is nice so I’ll vote for her, but I’ve had no involvement in the local campaign. Blahhh

Binface, Khan, Labour (Constituency), Green (List), Labour (Local by-election).

Nearly spoiled my ballot for the list vote. No party with a chance of winning a seat deserves it.

Postal voted Labour x3 (county borough PCC), totally pointless tbh as Labour get wrecked in Kent (Rosie Duffield aside, eww) regardless of leader/ideals but whatever.

Labour and greens for the council, Labour for PCC.

The guy officiating behind the desk or whatever you call it was going on about Hartlepool for some reason.

Didn’t get attacked by any Tories and kept the pencil

Willing to give Pretty Boy Andy my vote. He’s surpassed my low expectations of him, and the other options predictably range from dead-eyed gargoyles to haha funny meme candidates.

If it starts hailing before I finish my work I might not though. Political engagement in 2021.

I’ve voted in some pretty depressing elections but this morning has got to be up there with the worst of them.