2021 Music related items - Show & Tell

What are the favourite music related things you’ve acquired this year - from an aesthetic pov?

Musical instrument, hifi gear, band t-shirt, book, one of them coloured vinyl thingamees, anything really.

Here’s a few from me:
Don’t think I’ve bought a band t-shirt in 20+ years but couldn’t resist this Ekin Fil one


Cloudy Blue vinyl of Mkdwife’s Luminol

Signed copy of the beautifully packaged Japanese Breakfast album


probably the Pye Corner Audio Black Mill Tapes 10th anniversary box set (not my picture, but it’s a better representation than I could get with my phone)


Quite hard to find images that show it at its best, but the first hardback edition of Monolithic Undertow by Harry Sword is a beautiful object; psychedelic colourful hardback wrapped in a tracing paper dust jacket so the colour comes through like something cloaked in fog. Perfectly captures the subject matter and it’s a lovely tactile thing to hold and read.



It was a lovely object, until my son spilt squash on the dust jacket - sent it all crinkly and purple.

Great book though. Highly recommended.


This Noiserv tape, which came with its own little display case:

and another tape, for a Real Tuesday Weld bonus album, this time as a blood bag:

And a few vinyl records I’m happy with. The top one is a nice solid double vinyl by Andrea Laszlo Simone which I ordered from Italy and love, and the others are a few coloured vinyl albums from this year, including the lovely blood marble effect Orchestre… one.


I posted pics elsewhere on here after I won it, but it’s still worth posting. A guitar played on Ghosteen (although god knows where, because it’s pretty guitar-free) and also the soundtrack to Blonde (which should be coming soon).