2021 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Welcome to the 6th instalment of the annual rolling hip-hop thread! Not been the most prolific poster in these myself but will rectify that this year as they are some of my favourite threads to read and discover from.

Previous editions are well worth a read for anyone who hasn’t been on top of this scene in recent years:


First release of the year to talk about is the New Year’s Day release of Bob’s Son by R.A.P. Ferreira. It’s a tribute to beat poet Bob Kaufman, and I’m really enjoying the album. Its mellow beats remind of of the (nu) jazzier parts of Endtroducing… and the rapping is just great throughout.


Let’s goooo…

Happy new year DiS Rolling HHers. Really sad end to 2020. Have been listening to pretty exclusively MF DOOM this week and expect that to continue for a while.

Thought it might be a good idea to revive the collaborative Spotify playlists for 2021. Always found them a good way to keep track of releases (sorry to @theShipment for stepping in your lane). Feel free to subscribe and start adding :facepunch:

2021 Catch All - for anything and everything - full albums, singles, EPs, mixtapes

2021 Favourites - for favourite tracks


Going to try ‘Whole Lotta Red’ today though I’m not expecting much if the first track is anything to go by.

Also enjoying this. Although one listen in. Going to treat myself to a walk to the Big Sainsburys after a day of working and homeschooling and will give it another spin.

I’m enjoying the new Crimeapple, although I know he’s not to everyones taste. Kind of like a weirder Action Bronson.

And like everyone else, been listening to a lot of MF DOOM. Especially this playlist of people rapping over the Special Herbs beats.


New single off the Madlib/Four Tet album


Teensy JAG for the new Savan DePaul album coming out on the 22nd of this month on my own label; first video from it is going live in about 15 minutes time.

weirdest part of 2021 so far is definitely 50 Cent releasing the first new rap song that i like

this thread and the more obscure listening thread linked within it also gold too

would be up for reviving this if there was enough support, nice little lockdown boost


This absolutely slams! This and the new RAP Ferreira album have provided the WFH soundtrack


I was meant to do this first lockdown, but it turned out I had more work and less time than ever. Would definitely be interested in joining the club again though, with a mix of classics and more left field picks

the thread lives on :slightly_smiling_face:

hope to be a bit more active on here this year. got a big project wrapping end of this month might f around and start another hh listening club in feb.


Put off listening to this because, let’s be honest, how many artists’ 4th album in a calendar year are any good? But this is great. Boldy is on some run of form atm.


Yeah, I enjoyed this. Better than that Versace one. Quite a few familiar samples but I liked it - definitely hooked me in.

So Milo has absolutely done it again with Bob’s Son, already completely in love with it.


Love it. Only complaint is the length. Generally a fan of the shorter albums that seem to be the vogue of late, but this needs two spins, back to back.

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Likewise with me too, much prefer a shorter running length and did the same earlier where it got played back to back. Kinda demands repeat listens with plenty to unpack lyrically as always. Just find his albums endlessly playable!

If I love Dr. Octagonecologyst where should I head next with Kool Keith?

Sex Style, Black Elvis and Dr. Dooom’s First Come, First Served are the standouts for me.

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He has loads of good stuff.

I’d maybe check out something early and something mid-era.

Early - perhaps Critical Beatdown by Ultramagnetic?

Mid era - I really love the Cenobites album that he did with Godfather Don. Not on Spotify but I can share a link if you like.

There is so much stuff of his I’ve never heard TBH.