2021 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Liking these new Freddie Gibbs and Quelle Chris/The Alchemist tracks. There are a lot of big underground rap names, past and present, on that Mello Music comp, but I haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet


Been meaning to listen to Bushido, might give it a listen this afternoon.

I’m glad Stalley’s ended up associated with the more independent MMG, hoping it might lead to an Apollo Brown produced album.

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Jumped on this Bruiser Wolf off of Pitchfork’s review today, it’s pretty good. Kinda reminding me a bit of E-40, Danny Brown, Slick Rick and Cee-Lo all mixed up and spat out into an oddball, abstract, punchline rap package. That flow isn’t gonna be for everyone, but I think it’s fun and original.

Sent me down a bit of a wormhole, since Bruiser Brigade have already released three short albums this year, possibly making a drive in anticipation of Danny Brown’s XXXX dropping. Fat Ray is a Detroit vet I remember from collabing with Black Milk back in the day. It’s a bit more conventional than Bruiser Wolf’s but goes hard. Check the Dilla inspired beat on The One

The weakest of the three is the J.U.S. LP – the tracks and LP are just a little too short – but there’s some nice stuff. Wish this SKWLKR produced track rode out longer.

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New Rahiem Supreme from a few weeks back

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new Lord Apex tape out on 4/20, of course

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Ah damn. The Great Depression is one of the first rap albums I can remember buying as a 13 year old kid. I bought it on the same day as The Blueprint. I think I actually preferred DMX of the two at the time :sweat_smile:. Loved the aggression and followed his catalogue back from there. Obvs the debut is the lasting classic, but I’ll always have time for the standout bangers from TGD. RIP DMX.


I’ve been listening to Open Mike Eagle’s Prince Paul podcasts and they are fantastic. He has a really nice style, clearly prepares in advance and knows his stuff. I’ve loved hearing about Prince Paul’s different projects and it’s given me the impetus to go back and listen to Handsome Boy Modelling School, Gravediggaz, A Prince Amongst Thieves and Stetsasonic properly. Prince Paul has loads of great stories about the people he worked with and his production techniques. I loved hearing small details like that Stetsasonic were named after Stetson hats and that Chubb Rock still owes Paul money. I haven’t even heard them all yet but it could easily be turned into a great book.

I’m really looking forward to the El-P ones.


DMX was one of the first rappers I got into when I first started listening to rap. This one hurts.


They’re SO good. I think he may struggle to top Prince Paul though - era spanning, funny and self deprecating, massive and really varied catalogue. I didn’t even really like Psychoanalysis but will devour a podcast about it.

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Looks like we’re getting something from Alchemist and Earl at the end of the month



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we been waiting on this one :fire:. hope it’s not 14 minutes long.

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holy shit, I haven’t heard this since it came out!!!



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iLoveMakonnen has released a new album today! I hope it’s good. Ever since he came out as gay his career has taken a real dive, which is depressing

Can’t say I was ever into Makkonen’s music much beyond one or two tracks, but it’s definitely a shame, and it’s been good to see Lil Nas X lean into his sexuality and seemingly gain momentum at the same time. Thought he could end up being a similar story; one big hit, then disappear after coming out, but Montero has been huge (and wound up a load of boomers at the same time). Hopefully things are slowly changing…

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Sad news. Last month’s EP was really enjoyable and showed a lot promise. But if retiring helps her health then it’s unquestionably the right decision.

Yeah, the right decision, but she should never feel forced to make that choice. Hope she is able to work through her health issues and find a more welcoming environment to release her music if she chooses to do so, she had a promising career and that’s a real shame.

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Haven’t ventured much outside the warm embrace of Old Man Rap this year, but have been listening to lot of Rx Papi this week and really enjoying it.

This guy is heavily Lil B influenced (he just put out an 18 minute single called Therapy Session, and he’s put out about 9 projects in the last year alone). I have mostly been listening to his latest mixtape, 100 Miles & Walk’In, which I can only describe as relentless. I counted zero hooks and he records pretty much every bar separately so his flow jumps all over the place, it’s like the voices are bouncing off the walls. The whole thing moves at like 100mph, but it really works. It’s also legit funny - he constantly repeats certain phrases like ‘I walk in this b*tch like _____’ which leads to bars like the below:

I walk in this b**ch like John Wayne
I don’t know shit about John Wayne
Chris Tucker said that shit in Rush Hour, that’s the only time I heard about him

The only feature is Boldy James (got to get my Old Man Rap fix), and there is also a song which sampled the Pet Shop Boys which is worth listening to once just because it’s so damn weird (it’s the worst track on the mixtape though so don’t listen to that first…)

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