2021 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Isaiah Rashad :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Who is Logic and why is he getting grief off people like RAP Ferreria?

He’s working with Madlib and appeared on Rick and Morty that is about as much as I know really.

I like both of those things!

really earnest / kinda cheesy rapper that is inexplicably successful despite having no discernible hits. he’s fine in that blandly inoffensive j cole kinda way


This should be gud


ya this is pretty much him. think he retired from rapping last year or something i thought…

however he does have hits. that 1-800 song was on the charts for a long time, has over a billion plays on spotify. def in that j cole vein but not as good.


New Alc now on Spotify.


New Alchemist is really great. Because of course it is.

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Yeah, it’s very good. Although I love Alchemist, I always have found his producer albums/EPs a bit disappointing compared to his collaboration ones. Like even back to 1st Infantry. But this is great.

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Yeah this, but it is only 10 minutes long though so didn’t have much room to go wrong. Shows potential for a full length Alchemist project though

Really diggin this

in case you missed, i thought this was deece. tupac a life in 10 pictures
BBC iPlayer - A Life in Ten Pictures - Series 1: 2. Tupac Shakur

actually, how they covered the sex assault conviction was maybe not ‘deece’. chuck d saying he told him “i’m there for you, bro” or words to that effect

fave guy. SSV3 is great


Finally up to date with What Had Happened Was, really loving hearing two great musicians talking about their craft and everything around it. OME is such a fan of El and Def Jux in general and it shines through.

It’s also got me revisiting some Def Jux classics. Man, I forgot how great Mr. Lif is. Murs is up next.

Guy is in his own lane. SSV3 one of my faves of the year so far.

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New Isaiah Rashad on the way