2021 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Ffs. I paid, thinking it might be a while away. Will never learn. Very solid album though.

Check out that Rosenberg compilation - reckon you’ll like it!

Slightly odd request but does anyone have a hip-hop playlist that’s good for summertime and in particular barbecuing?

Was gonna make my own but figure you guys know more than me and might already have one?

Was thinking loads of 80’s and 90’s stuff, native tongues and G-Funk etc?

I just feel like I cook better food if I’m listening to ATCQ or Rakim etc

New Lloyd Banks sounding good, spots from Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marci, Benny the Butcher.


Really enjoying the Peter Rosenberg tape/album. Had no idea who he was and still don’t to be honest

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He has a radio show on Hot 97 in the US, and he’s involved in wrestling somehow. I think he’s perceived as a bit of a dilettante and self proclaimed authority on the NY underground, despite being from Maryland. I don’t mind him, but I get mild Tim Westwood vibes.

This album is great though - love the Next Chamber track with Method Man and Raekwon.

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really love this

The Rub’s History of Hip Hop mixes are my go to… They’re all good but the 93 one is especially great.


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Finally on streaming :ok_hand:t2:


Did not expect to be enjoying a Lloyd Banks album in 2021.

Decent read on him here…


Never thought I’d hear DOOM on an Edan beat (though looks like there’s an Edan remix of Da Superfriendz out there)

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don’t think this has been posted yet. Anyway I LOVE IT. Extremely vibey record from female MC duo from Chicago.

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I’m enjoying this new release from BabyTron of the Shittyboyz (first I’ve heard of him/them). It’s a very modern trashy trap record, not my usual go to at all, but a lot of fun, solid beats and rhymes.

New Your Old Droog album…

Some quality features on this: DOOM, Aesop Rock, Blu, Elzhi, Mick Jenkins & Wiki.


pretty Future collab on the new Migos

Digging the new Droog. The Edan beat on the DOOM colab is the most Edan style beat ever too :grin: Not sure if the whole thing will match up with his last couple of albums though, they felt like he was really finding his lane. This one seems like a slight step back.

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Has some really high points - but don’t think I’m enjoying it as much Krutoy. Great storytelling on Please Listen To My Tape, thought that was really well done.

Wish Edan would come back with a whole album. He is SO f**king good.

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RIGHT?? Been waiting for that 3rd full length for so long.

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This is good.

Beauty and the Beat is somehow 16 years old.