2021 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

liked this too, big fan of harry fraud’s stuff in general.

feels like after a slow start to the year there’s now good stuff dropping weekly.


I really like it too, but that Dump YOD one grew on me massively. Love the beats.

oh yeah I really like that one too, I meant the wolf on wall st (which is also quite good tbf)

Oh yeah! Forgot about that one! Haven’t really gone back to it that much but should.

Alchemist has announced an album with Armand Hammer called Haram, due out 26th March its available to pre-order now at Backwoodzstudioz.com - if the website ever works that is, it’s currently crashing due to the amount of visitors



Came here to post this. I am always wary of hyping something up too much before it drops but given who is involved there is no way this won’t be brilliant

Artwork is grim, but the tracklist is here:

Based on that Giraffe Hunts track on Brass, I am also confident this’ll be amazing.

No digital preorder? I guess they’ll go straight to Spotify.

billy woods follows me on Twitter. :sunglasses:


They’re giving a digital download with each physical order, surprised there’s no separate digital pre-order.

Trying to pre-order the CD, the websites been a nightmare & is showing no shipping rates for the UK.

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Revisited the Vordul Mega recently album which I remember not loving at the time. It’s aged really well.

Opium Scripts with billy woods is awesome.

This can’t be anything but a sure fire banger right?


Don’t know where else to write this but, even though I was a big fan of Boy In Da Corner at the time, the follow up - Showtime - just went right over my head. Don’t think I ever got it or even listened properly.

Anyway, someone somewhere on here mentioned how good it was and I just properly listened for the first time.

It’s stunning - one of the most vibrant, fun, cohesive and well executed albums I’ve heard in ages. Sounds so well put together too - like it was made yesterday. You can see how he ended up doing no-thought bangers for the masses when he did this AND Boy on the trot and people didn’t really take notice.

Main takeaway is, once again, I can’t believe how young he was - and he’s a properly funny kid too, constantly audacious and cheeky. The speed of delivery and all the peppered in adlibs really reminded me of the new Uzi album - just inventive and fun every second it’s on, and with loads of commentary on his new found fame.


Alc is on fire. Love all those clips in Fuck thats Delicious where they just bully him because he’d rather be in a dark room making beats, but can see why. Could easily be making a punt for one of the best rap producers ever by the time he’s done


i’m rooting for Swae, not sure if he’s going to leverage some of the ridiculous success of Black Beatles / Sunflower / Unforgettable to maximum effect, but he does have a very enjoyable body of work

New Strange U single out today. Excellent stuff. Has the off-kilter wooziness of those early EP’s which I absolutely loved.

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Yeah, definitely. I also loved him being all humble about not doing a beat battle with Madlib as he’d get destroyed, which is just not the case. I’m not really an “in the club” guy, but in that situation Alc wins hands down.

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Awesome. Was bummed to see that it’s just one track though! Do you know if there is an album coming?

New Denzel & Kenny Beats remix single

Muggs & Rome Streetz - Death & The Magician out today as well