💥 2021 - Tracks Of The Year (pt.1) 💥

Posting tonight as think tomorrow is going to be chaos. I’m going to get the ball rolling with 10 tracks released (either on single, ep or album) this year. This is not intended to be a rolling thread, but I’m not going to be doing any thread policing. Chat is welcome :slight_smile:

1 - Hildegard - Jour 1
Experimental electronic collaboration between Montreal-based Helena Deland and Ouri, named after a medieval German nun / polymath. I could have picked any of the 3 tracks released so far, and can’t wait for the full 8-track LP to drop next month. Apparently it was recorded over 8 days (jours) - one track per day.

2 - Lost Girls - Real Life
Another collaboration, this time between Jenny Hval and fellow Norwegian Håvard Volden (who has played live on her solo stuff for a while). Really wanted to pick the 15 and a half minute track Love, Lovers - but refrained! This track is quite different, almost trip-hoppy with some lovely guitar work and Hval’s spoken introspections.

3 - Little Simz ft. Cleo Sol - Woman
I’m sure you’ve all heard of Little Simz by now, she seems to be going from strength to strength and blowing up in the process. Both tracks released from the upcoming album are outstanding, but her live performance of this one on Jools swung it for me.

4 - Japanese Breakfast - Posing in Bondage
Have been a huge fan of Michelle Zauner for a while now and this was / is one of the records I’ve been looking forward to the most this year. Again, all 3 songs (and videos) released so far have been excellent but this reworking of an old / lost single pips it.

5 - Sons of Kemet ft. Kojey Radical - Hustle
I haven’t gone back to Your Queen is a Reptile despite admiring it at the time. Shabaka Hutchings certainly likes to keep busy - this is powerful stuff with some lovely backing vocals from Lianna La Havas.

6 - Liars - Sekwar
I haven’t enjoyed a Liars record since Mess, but this is really promising. I thought it was either Arab Strap or Baxter Dury when it first came on, but there is also a bit of HTTT-era Radiohead in there (the best era).

7 - Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
A beautiful retelling of a Japanese folktalke with a stunning Princess Kaguya inspired animated video. Apparently the track is created on vintage hardware and it does have a wonderful timeless quality to it.

8 - Brockhampton ft. Danny Brown - Buzzcut
The first Brockhampton track that has really landed for me, helped in no small part by Danny Brown turning up and smashing it. Very trippy video which I have had to avoid playing when my daughter is around!

9 - Youha - Abittipsy
@FKA_Adam_Jeffson opened the Bangers 2021 thread with this South Korean delight and I still don’t think it has been bettered as an out and out banger yet this year. I have no idea what it is that keeps it interesting, but I certainly keep coming back to it with a big smile every time.

10 - Madlib - Hopprock
Gorgeous collaboration with Four Tet, sounds absolutely lush on headphones. This one is a big slice of Dilla with a bunch of other influences sprinkled about.


I have recommended this a few times on the boards this year and will do so again here.


For me 2 stand outs have been

Promises - Andrew Hung

Richie Sacremento - Mogwai


Great videos too


I love this thread - thanks for bringing it back!
10 from me…

1: Jennifer Loveless - Backroll Buddy

2: KMRU - Jinja Encounters

3: Yasmin Williams - Sunshowers

4: Howie Lee - The Door of Aspiration

5: Jaymie Silk - Jack Johnson

6: Nia Archives - Sober Feels

7: Armand Hammer & The Alchemist - Stonefruit

8: Emeka Ogboh - Danfo Mellow

9: Jab - Currents

10: Tirzah - Send Me


Will post mine in a week or so. Just waiting for the Music League round for 2021 song to be finished first so that my song choice isn’t revealed!


Haven’t really had many standout tracks so far this year, definitely having an album year. Probably between this

and this


Anz track is belting.

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  1. Squid - Narrator
  1. Cassandra Jenkins - Hard Drive
  1. Cheekface - Emotional Rent Control
  1. Dan Wriggins - The Diner
  1. Lael Neale - Blue Vein
  1. The Red, Pinks and Purples - Don’t Ever Pray On The Church On My Street
  1. Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet
  1. Holiday Ghosts - Mr Herandi
  1. Torres - Don’t Go Putting Wishes In My Head
  1. Dry Cleaning - Leafy

Probably missed a whole bunch of stuff, but these came to my head first


Man, hardly heard anything this year that grabs me. Hopefully this thread will help.

At any rate, 2 tracks from each of the three albums from 2021 that I like:

“Nigel Hitter” & “Harsh Degrees” from Shame’s Drunk Tank Pink. Quality Irish post-punk on the rockier, more aggressive end of the scale, though Nigel Hitter is more “poppy” with an almost PiL-like groove to it:

“Drive” & “Crossbow” from Tamar Aphek’s All Bets Are Off. Eclectic yet cohesive noise-pop-cum-trip-hop-cum-I-don’t-knw-what. Opener “Russian Winter” makes one hell of a statement, and probably should’ve been picked over these two but I’ve opted for “Drive” to show the prettier side to the album (FFO Mitski?), and “Crossbow” because the start is reminiscent of the Prodigy’s Breathe, which ought to leave everyone confused as fuck about exactly what the hell this album sounds like.

“Something About Your Way” and “Crash” from Mary Anne’s Polar Rig’s album Makes You Happy. Grungy indie-pop/rock. Reminds me of heaps of bands, yet I could not name a single one of them.


Kept up the tradition of compiling a rolling playlist of personal favourites

Pretty obsessed with a lot of these.


Nice - are they in any particular order? If your absolute favourites are at the top I can take the first 10 and put in our playlist :wink:

It is now. Not in exact order and probably missing loadsa things I listened to a billion times in Jan and Feb.

Also here’s my chill af playlist featuring some bits I’ve found from the Ambient / Modern Classical thread

Cheers! Completely missed that Daniel Avery track (love him) and still not got round to checking out Olivia Rodrigo. Loads of good stuff there though.

Haha, I always do this and then have a big recency bias to whatever the shiny new thing is I’ve just heard / fallen in love with :slight_smile:

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How ridiculously good is that SZA track? I have been absolutely rinsing it this year. Your opener is obviously a stunner as well :slight_smile: they’d be the two I’d post here along with something (anything tbh) from the Weather Station record and maybe BUTTER

I don’t listen to any near as much new music as a lot of other people on here do, think I can just about manage 10 songs in 6 months, though there will probably be nothing revelatory

1- Like I Used To by Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen
Best thing I’ve heard this year, slightly Abba, slightly more Bruce. Massive and emotive, a really great surprise

None of these numbers mean anything now tbh

2 - Hard Drive by Cassandra Jenkins
Beautiful and life affiriming
“You seem a little on edge
Are you always this nervous?”
I said “yeeeeeeeeah…”

3 - Road of the Lonely Ones by Madlib
Haunting and crunchy

4 - The Darkness That You Fear by Chemical Bros
I never ever think about them but every few years they’ll put something out I really love, happened with Got To Keep On last time round, happened with this. The “I’ll be loving you bit, yes I will bit” is a tonic


5 - The Bough Bends by Tindersticks
10 minute slab of melancholy from the most consistent band I can think of

6 - Black Hole by Griff
A big proper top 20 hit single!

7 - I Do This All The Time by Self Esteem
Played this a lot, sounds like a classic. She pushed the chorus to be as big as possible and I love it

8 - Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning
Great lyrics and delivery, they work so well over the surging churn. Really like them repurposing the Tampax slogan “Do everything and feel nothing” too.

9 - Get Sun by Hiatus Koyote
Obviously sounds great while it’s hot, delicious strings

10 - Dance by Julia Stone
I’d never paid any attention at all to her in her previous partnership with her brother but this really caught my ear, charming

This was fun to think about


Great picks thanks!

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Shame are in fact from South London! Nice picks though.

Most of mine (Lost Girls, Dry Cleaning, Little Simz) have been mentioned already so I’ll dig around the playlists and come back to this tomorrow.

In no particular order

Foxing. Stunning stuff this -

The new Antlers record seemed a little too slight for some, but this is just so effortless and beautiful

Manchester Orchestra. Their best single. An absolute stormer to return with.

Everything Everything. Should have been on the album

New Flock Of Dimes stuff is great

The latest Son Lux is gorgeous