2021 - year of the vegan

Richmonds vegan sausages are surprisingly good.


Linda Macs Rosemary and Red Onion good or “hey, at least it’s not pig anus” good?


Yeh nice. We still prefer Tesco’s Herby bangers (ooft!)

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Also the dominos vegan pizzas are very nice

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The vegan Pukka pies are good if you like that sort of thing

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Finally I can come home for the summer


Yeah surprisingly good! Given the meat Richmond sausages I recall being some of the worst things ever.

Had some tonight with mash in fact!

Three cheers for the lads at Richmond sausages!


Not surprising as Richmond have never put any meat in their sausages amirite


Been fully vegan for all of ooh 6 months now? 7? But veggie since I was 13 which is -slightly- more time.
Easy af innit? Do kind of miss proper pizzas, also can’t be arsed reading the labels of a lot of beer/wine, so probably not the strictest but yeah. Capitalism has deemed it ‘‘fine’’, I’m guessing because vegan products cost about four pence to make.


they’re not vegan but these are the best veggie things I have had in a while. Have about 10 packs in the freezer


Got some the other day, better than Linda Mac’s!

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Was v skeptical about this and have never been that arsed about bacon but tried this recently and when it’s crispy it’s pretty good innit

He was great on the trombone


Yeah it’s definitely the best “facon” I’ve had.


Richmond Sausages: 9/10
This Isn’t Bacon: 8/10

Yeah these were good, not normally a huge quorn fan at all

We got Richmond saus when we had a bit of the old Covid and had to get a mozzas delivery and they substituted our Linda’s with those and oooooh we weren’t happy but what can you do.

Actually really nice but I have to ignore that because LIKE FUCK am I giving my grass munching pound to Big Meat.

Big fan co-op’s own brand “Gro” vegan stuff in general - had something that was actually really good the other day, but can’t quite remember what it was off the top of my head…

Tried making a seitan Wellington. The liquid involved blended up mushrooms as well as the usual bits in an attempt to make it more savoury and I ran out of gluten so had to include more other flours because it wasn’t quite working out and impossible to knead. So stopped putting effort in once the seitan was confirmed to be really dry. Put loads of redcurrent jelly in the mushroom thingy and didn’t bother too much to make it neat. Almost though… I guess. Waste of a day off.

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