2022/3 Running Thread

Couldn’t see one of these, so figured I’d kick one off.

What are your goals for running? Anyone doing anything special/interesting/stretching?

I’ve decided I’m no longer interested in distance, as I seem to get injured whenever I ramp up the training. But I need to keep a regular routine in, so am planning to do 10 miles a week. Should be achievable. Did 2.6 miles this morning to get the 10 done this week, and that was my first run of 2022.

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As I said in the resolutions thread, my main aim is to get back to the times I was clocking pre lockdown. But to be honest, just doing ParkRun regularly will be good for me


After a great start to last year I havent been on a run in 3+ months, just had zero motivation. Need to start getting out again even for just twenty minutes.

If I can get back in to routine the goal would be a half marathon.


What winter running gear do people have? Really struggle to not be super warm after a few minutes of movement.

For various reasons (work, lack of sleep, illness), I didn’t run for most of December, and only started again the other day.

It’ll take me a month or so to get back to where I want to be, which is running every morning before work, at varying distances between 5 and 15k. After that, I’ll need to have an event or two to target, otherwise I’ll just drift and plateau.

At the moment, I have no events lined up until the Ealing Half in September, so I need to have a think about what I want to do in spring/summer 2022. The Blenheim Triathlon is a bit too early in the year this time around, I think, so I may do the Hackney Half instead.

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A pair of gloves.

Other than that, I just wear the same top, shorts, socks and running shoes as for the rest of the year.

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I have a half zip top that I wear during winter. I very rarely wear gloves or a hat, as I get too hot. I do have some leggings I wear when it gets frosty.

Dress for the 2nd mile not the 1st!


Managed a 10k today that was really hard work. Think/hope it’s just the festive weight and I’ll be back into it once I’ve run that off

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I think I’ve got a Cardiff Half at some point this year but no idea when due to Covid postponements.

No desire to run any further than that this year and I’m waiting on a visit to the chiropractor possible sciatica or at least lower back issue not helped by doing two 350 mile round trips over Christmas and having to kip on the sofa whilst the TV isolates and also being old.

Will try and get a decent level of fitness this year and work on the 5 and 10ks.

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Was running a lot during lockdown but stopped when gyms reopened. Did 10k on the 28th and my right knee ached for a couple of days afterwards. A bit of a Google tells me it’s the patellar tendon, right under the kneecap. Anyone else have/had issues with that? This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. Started happening after pretty much any run over 8-9k.

Part of me is inclined to sack it off - I’m 44 and don’t want to risk long term damage (am starting to get quite into walking) and pretty happy just exercising in other ways. But part of me wants to carry on - do really enjoy it and was running quicker 5ks than I could in my 30s which was doing my midlife crisis no world of good.


It’s a bit humble-braggy, but I feel a bit stuck on what to do as far as running goals this year. Had a really strong 2021; 219 runs for the year, over 2500km clocked up at an average pace of just under 4:30 a km, and PBs in the last two half marathons I ran (1hr 32 mins at Ealing in September, then 1hr 31 mins at Oxford in October). I probably won’t be able to replicate that because some life changes mean I’ll have to reduce how often I train and how many organised runs I participate in. Never done a full marathon, just don’t think I’d enjoy training for or running that distance as what I most like about running is going full pelt, but I guess that’s the obvious goal. Entered the London ballot so guess I’ll see if I get a place.

Guess just consolidating and staying fit enough for half marathons will do … Aware lots or people would be happy with that, just feels a bit sad I’ve probably peaked!

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Haven’t been on a run since marathon in October (combination of: fuck that and also playing football again). Want to kill two short distance PBs:

5k 22:13 (2015 & 2021)
10k 48:47 (2021)

want sub 21 and sub 45. Feel like I’ve have this goal several times lol.


I’d try some stretching regimes or some yoga, see if you can make sure you’re all limbered up or fully post-run stretched. Or see a physio, some specialist advice helps!

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If you’ve hit the 2021 ones in marathon training you’ll smash them if you get to a similar level of fitness but without the fatigue in your legs

aye that’s the hope, before cycle season too. mostly just want sprints to be better and more frequent at footers tbh

Just going to get back into it following a little injury

Might go out tomorrow!

Massive fan of starting off with a buff worn on the head (with or without a knot to make it a beanie) and thin running gloves.

When too hot, remove buff and wrap twice round wrist, then tuck gloves into buff.

First 5k since last April.

Would nice to get up to doing 10 miles by end of March without getting injured (or fed up!)


Joined a running club last year for the first time and have enjoyed the social side so main aim for this year is to get along regularly to club runs and maybe some track sessions. Did my first cross country race since school in December and had a great time, really like the low-key organisation compared to some of the more “corporate” trail races I’ve done before, so going to try to do the rest of this season’s fixtures and the local fun-run league (each local running club organises a 5-10k cross country run around the south downs). Otherwise just trying to be more consistent so I dont get injured, and hopefully one “big” mountain race in the Autumn somewhere beautiful (Lakes/Scotland/Alps maybe).

i always heard “be bold, start cold!”. will wear a windproof once it gets below 5 degrees or if i’m out for more than an hour going easy.