2022/3 Running Thread

Dunno much about Dublin or Lisbon but York is supposed to be good but undulating! They talk about it a bit on the Running Commentary podcast, which i really enjoy.

Lisbon marathon is really flat (despite the city being hilly), but it’s largely on dual carriageways until you hit Belem.

Turns out Dublin is a lottery entry which has passed so its either Lisbon (very pretty, make a long weekend of it and have a holiday) or York (an hour ish drive, very convenient).

Will consult with my darling partner, October mini break to Lisbon is tempting

Just signed up for the Hackney half, £60 with postage. Bloody hell.

It was flat as a pancake when I did it back in October. Just checked my phone and it claims 118 metres of elevation over the whole thing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but Lisbon does sound quite appealing!

I wonder why i thought it was lumpy? Am sure they’d mentioned it on that podcast. Hmm! Am 5 years since my last marathon and it is always this time of year when it starts to become tempting again…