2022/3 Running Thread

Curious if any other DiSers are doing the same runs I have coming up, the Big Half in London 3rd Sep (Mo Farah’s last pro race, apparently) and then the Robin Hood Half in Nottingham 24th Sep.

On the look out for a good 10K, preferably within an hour or 2 of London, in Nov/Dec if anyone has recommendations.

Would you push to a 10 mile race? The Year End Buntingford 10 is a great little race that takes place between Christmas and New Year. The first mile or so loops around housing estates, but then it heads out onto the country lanes and through the villages.

It’s well run, very friendly and can suit serious runners as well as plodders like me. It starts and finishes up at a school, and they have use of the building for loos, tea, coffee and cake if you’re bringing spectators.

Entries open in early September, and the field is limited to around 400, so it does sell out quickly.

The big downside is that you will need a car to get there - Buntingford doesn’t have any public transport.

Edit: oh, and I’m doing the Ealing Half at the end of September again.

I’m also hunting a (fast) 10k event, probably a bit earlier but I’ll let you know what I find

10 miles would be great but not a driver. Will give it s look to see if I can make it work any other way.

I’ve run the last 5 Ealing half marathons, feel a bit like I’m cheating on it with the Robin Hood but my brother in law runs it every year and has bugged me a few times to join him now. Back to Ealing in 2024, I reckon.

Brighton 10k is 19th November. Nice flat course but can be pretty windy that time of year

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Fastest 10k for me was the Southend one. Flat course and it’s the first weekend of October which always seems to be good weather for running. BUT they changed the course about 10 years ago and now there’s a couple of k where you run on gravel which always slows me down

Yeah, really struggling to find anything in November that isn’t either a “Morun” or called something like the Lest We Forget half. There’s a 10k in the Forest of Dean at the end of November but I imagine that’ll be an almighty pain in the arse to get to without a car.

My running shoes I’ve had for maybe 10 years+ are finally well and truly knackered. Can anyone recommend some replacements that won’t break the bank, or any good resources for reading up about them?

I’ve used a lot of Brookes shoes, and had nothing but good experiences. Currently on a pair of New Balance, they’re also solid.

I use Start Fitness, they’re usually good for a discount.

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Yeah Brookes Ghost are the ones I’ve had for yonks that have finally given up the… ghost…

Cheers for the recommendations!

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Any advice for running downhill for a significant period of time? Doing a race in 3 weeks that’s got a net drop of 150m in the last 7km, which will be good from a speed perspective but I’m worried I’ll become very heavy-footed and end up wrecking my knees for a week.

Lean forward, and keep your knees bent a little.

Oh, and don’t overstride - keep your steps short and your cadence up.

Very hard advice to follow but the key is to push your chest over your knees. Will feel like you’re going to fall over but you won’t, stops you heelstriking or straightening your knees, and speeds you up

Thanks both, just tried this and it’s fair to say it’s counterintuitive. Will do some proper practice over the next few weeks.

Did The Big Half in London today and it has destroyed me, more cobbled roads than I’d realised and a really warm day, to the point I sweated through my suncream and got burned. Just over 1:35 so perfectly good time all considered, but disappointing to be 7 minutes off my best time of the year. Think missing my start pen and then spending the first 3-4km weaving around people was a poor decision.

Physio this morning. Groin strain and hip bursitis. Couple of weeks with no running, football, cycling, squats or deadlifts.

Should be fine for the Manchester half but won’t be able to train for it. @tuna @svenrokk or anyone else running it if you want pacing services for anything upwards of 1:40ish let me know

I hope it gets better soon! Getting round is my target, I don’t think I’ll have a very certain target and if I do, it’ll be boringly slow for you.

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i’m doing manchester half but with lack of training and injuries will be lucky if i make two hours

yeah, same atm. although replace injuries with “general laziness and possibly covid a little while ago”

can’t believe Aggers is still gonna skin us all with a burst hip

Northumberland Coastal Run today. 13 and a bit miles from Beadnell to Almmouth. About 2 miles on the road, 6 on the beach, and the rest trail.

3rd time I’ve done it and i bloody loved today. Couple of pals did it with me, we decided to stick together at 9.30 pace, and just chatted nonsense the whole way.

Did 2.08, not the fastest ever, but didn’t walk any bits i could run, and genuinely really enjoyed it. 10/10, would recommend.