2022 edition: recommend me personally an album from this year

This worked v well last year as I got introduced to Baby Queen, so - tell me what I should listen to from this year, because I can’t listen to 10 new releases a week.

I have listened to: Wet Leg (great), Motomami - Rosalia (v enjoyable), Autofiction - Suede (fine), Renaissance - Beyonce (got bored, couldn’t finish it after 3 attempts), Harry’s House - Harry Styles (ok, won’t bother revisiting), Hold The Girl - Rina Sawayama (really disappointing), CRASH - Charli XCX (find it the easiest of her albums to get on with), Slut Pop - Kim Petras (quite like a few of the songs but it’s been done hasn’t it). Listened to a bit of the Nova Twins album but didn’t vibe with it.

Would quite like some non-pop stuff, but still has to have bangers. pop-adjacent would be nice. Shorter albums are preferred. Don’t like prog, meandering man post rock probably isn’t going to hit the spot, didn’t care for Black Country etc etc when I listened to a few of their songs last year, like Elephant 6 bands, I do not like the Smashing Pumpkins apart from like 2 songs. Lastfm for reference

In all honesty I’ll probably be listening to the new Alvvays album for a month solid from Friday but… go!


Confidence Man - Tilt would probably be my suggestion…they’re even better live than on record but think the new one is a great silly one. Loads of bangers.

Have you tried The Weeknd - Dawn FM and fka Twigs - Caprisongs? Both solid. The new Santigold album is worth a look too.


Heard the new (or any) Nilüfer Yanya? Her new album is brilliant.


Half of the Lizzo album is good.


Molly Nilsson - Extreme
Synth pop bangers


I think you’d really get on with If My Wife New I’d Be Dead by CMAT. Incredibly fun country pop/indie rock album with some of the most quotable lyrics of all time.

Try this out

Also, given your love of Alvvays I’m SHOCKED that you’ve not been listening to The Beths!


Think the only new album I’ve listened to this year is Ruin Music by Yr Poetry. Luckily, it absolutely slaps. It’s Alexi and Junior from Johnny Foreigner and the music is in a similar vein, with a big seam of sadness about declining local music scenes. Loud, tender, funny. I think it’s great.


What a great name for a band :smiley:

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It’s one of Black Country, New Road but much more fun. Glitchy weird pop music with some more experimental stuff chucked in. Absolutely all over the place but there’ll probably be something in it for anyone


Anxious are an emo band which involves members of One Step Closer. I find mostly now I rarely play full albums but this grabbed me and might even be in my top 10 albums ever. Any time I hear a song it males me put it all on

The build and release in this is flawless

If you like the Blue Album which I think you do, give this a go

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3rd excellent album by Japanese punk band. The whole thing is 21 minutes long as well.


Just because there was a mention of Kim Petras, the leak of Problematique HAS to be listened to!

This actually goes for the lot of you, but Kim was doing promo for this album for pretty much a year, posting about the process and how excited she was for it. The pre release singles did well and got her in the spotlight, it looked like it was going to be a big thing. But this was an album made without Dr Luke, who we know traps artists in recording contracts they can’t escape from… Suddenly, out of nowhere, with no prior mention or warning, right before Problematique was about to drop, Slut Pop comes out of nowhere and it’s a Dr Luke project… She’s not talked about when this was recorded, it’s a style she’s moved away from. And right after this Problematique gets silently binned and stops being mentioned. Kim mentioned this on her socials without giving much away but she was devastated about whatever it was that happened. We’re pretty sure Dr Luke has her trapped and she can’t do anything about it. She has said she’s really proud of the album and is happy for fans to listen to the leak because she wants it to be heard. So stream Problematique and JUSTICE FOR KIM!

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Try some Melody’s Echo Chamber

Lush pop rock psyche stuff


:smiley: :+1:

Oh I like Melody (one of my BFFs is going to see her and asked me if I was going actually), hadn’t seen there was a new album!

Thanks for all the recommendations, really appreciate it! And @Konichiwa_Bitches didn’t realise that was happening with Kim :frowning: urghhhhhhh Dr Luke is scum

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Completely forgot about this after the day it came out but that’s my fault cause it’s really good!