2022 Gift Buying 🎁

Need some advice. It’s my mum’s 70th coming up. She is not a very material person and doesn’t have much interest in possessions. She also has dementia and so experiences are difficult. We’ve already arranged for nice food and cake but I’m really struggling for anything good beyond a really nice bouquet of flowers (which seems wholly inappropriate for a big birthday like this). Any ideas?

Photos are a winner, anything someone who has memory issues can refer to (preferably captioned for bonus helping)


My answer, as someone who can get a bit twitchy about acquiring new things, will always be ceramics as they’re beautiful, tactile and serve a purpose. A nice pot/jar/jug/plate

Is there a craft centre near you where there might be local potters?

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What about something personalised? It could be a watch or bracelet that you have engraved or a custom portrait of the family? Is there anything that she particularly loves like a song that you could have the lyrics printed and framed?

I also saw this, which seems lovely but I’m not sure if it is appropriate? All About Us - Group Game for Dementia


Yep, this. If you want to get spendy, a photography session mostly focused on her with the family around will go down extremely well.

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