2022 new albums hype

(just posting it here as it’s out in February)

London act, debut album, may as well give them next year’s Mercury Prize right now!

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Are they any good though?

Mixed feelings about this, love the covers album but can’t stand jukebox. The individual song choices are generally a bit of a shrug from me too.

Cate le Bon’s 6th, Pompeii, out on 4th Feb.



Word on the street is there will be a new Los Campesinos! album.

Last album was 1018? And I thought it took MBV a while to release stuff…


May 2022 JFC

“Title, tracklisting, vinyl colour and artwork to be confirmed.”

New Venom Prison album titled “Erebos” will be released on the 4th February.

Bodega are back. Album in march.

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