2022 resolutions in film/TV/books

  • Finally watch Malcolm X
  • Watch more Spike Lee generally
  • Finally follow through on my promise to @TKC and watch Cache
  • Watch more “Asian” cinema
  • Get my flatmate to watch Twin Peaks
  • Keep to my trend of hitting 25 or more books a year
  • Read a little more non fiction

Hbu huns

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If you’re on MUBIbook, there’s a section of South Korean films on there that are really good. Moving On, I really enjoyed in particular

Also Burning is an all timer

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Gonna be more proactive in asking pals to go the cinema as it’s a really good excuse to see people


Finish the last season of the Sopranos

Probably start the Wire n all

Finish Infinite Jest

I’ve got a big list of books I want to check out too, and I’m hoping to maybe get a bit more non-fiction / history stuff read too

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Yeah watching Burning, along with Shoplifters, In the Mood for Love and most of Bong Joon Ho’s work is basically what made me feel I needed to see more. Such a great selection of films and for that to be nearly all that ive seen from those countries? Sad


Can’t go wrong with other Koreeda films! There was a thing near the start of lockdown 1 when there were loads on iPlayer and All4

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Actually been compiling a notes app list of things I want to do every month in 2022 - kinda count as resolutions…

  • At least 1 cinema trip a month.

  • Watch a film from my new Tarkovsky Sculpting Time and Kurosawa Samurai boxsets per month. All 12 will be first watches!

  • Watch an unwatched DVD/Blu-ray a month so I can get rid.

  • Watch a bunch of early 1900’s shorts and help end the year filling in the 35 blanks from my ‘watch a film from every year since 1900’ list.

  • Continue my way through the 1001 Movies To See Before You Die Book (30% done)

  • Finally watch Moonlight, Akira, Chinatown Susperia x2, Barry Lyndon something from Bergman and Agnes Varda etc.

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Same as last year, read at least 12 books


Rewatch the sopranos. Watch more classic films

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Just get back into reading properly I think.

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Read more than last year

Watch some of the Mizoguchi, Kurosawa and Almodovar box sets that are largely untouched.

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Just haven’t seen that particular film, or haven’t seen any Argento stuff generally? Because either way oooh boy you’re in for a ride!

More Almodovar is probably a good one for me too

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Have recently bought two close friends birthday presents in the form of Japanese fiction, urging them to delve deeper into what I consider to be the world’s best literature scene, yet admittedly I consider myself to have barely scratched the surface myself. So lots more discovering Japanese writers like Mieko Kawakami, Yoko Tawada, Kobe Abe, Hiromi Kawakami etc

Plus I’d like to re-read some of my favourites like In Cold Blood and American Pastoral

The Truth is on iPlayer and After The Storm is on BBC2 this Saturday.

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The Truth reminds me of Asghar Farhadi’s Everybody Knows in that it was each of the respective directors’ first films not in their native language, and they simply weren’t that good.

After the Storm, on the other hand, is exceptional.

got a recommend for ya if, if you’ve not seen it…

was helped along by the spike lee foundation

is bangladeshi.
it’s great… the salt in our waters
i just watched it on bfi player. trailer…
NONAJOLER KABBO | Official Trailer. In Theaters - November 26. - YouTube

Watch more films and TV

Read fewer books

Think I’ll just continue to go with the flow