2022 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Yeah, half way through it at the mo and digging it more than I thought. Bar the Volumes compilation from a couple of years back, I haven’t really enjoyed a Cool Kids project since their debut. Can see this getting a fair few spins.

Saying that, i’ll be skipping the skits in the future :grimacing:

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Hmm, a bit shit. He was pretty pissed.

BUT, Lord Apex was there and did a few tracks and essentially stole the show. A very fun night overall. Great venue for a show like that. Crimeapple is there later this month.


Looks like he knows he was shit. Also seriously considering this show now.

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I’ve got a ticket for that.

I guess he was a bit hampered by his voice, but also by the fact he was hammered and talking complete bollocks between track.




Do we know it it’s just him, Daringer and Beat Butcha on production? Really hope so.

New Fly Anakin on Friday too!

If he’s going for the same aesthetic as TT3, I can’t imagine him needing anyone else. Finger crossed.

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Yeah, :crossed_fingers: indeed.

I really like the Daringer and Beat Butcha combo. It fell out of rotation quite quickly for some reason, but always enjoy the WWCD album when I revisit it. Has such a dusty sound, really doesn’t sound sample free to me.


Looks like it’s just Alc and Daringer.

Just listened to this today for the first time, quite good. Hadn’t listened to any Evidence before.


You’ve listened to Dilated Peoples though, right?

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yeah it’s decent. his album before this one was really solid too

produced one of my all timers as well

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Haha, somehow, no. Been familiar with the name for a long time but never checked them out.

Check them out (first two albums especially), the two Evidence albums before that one you checked out and the Step Brothers album he did with The Alchemist. Really good stuff.


Have never been much of an Evidence or Dilated fan but this was one of my favourites of last year.


I’ve been listening to Big Moe and Fat Pat today. Great stuff


love some fat pat, the houston scene was so rich. might get more traction talking about old rap in this thread:

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Not hip hop, but figured a fair few will be happy by this. Really good tape.

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