2022 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Out today - really enjoying this

Outbreak have started booking hip-hop acts and some pretty good ones at that. Can’t imagine it will interest anyone that’s not also into hardcore but imagine there’s lots of crossover on these boards


yeah i’m very excited

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Wow - that looks like a pretty odd mix but I’d definitely check it out if it was nearer me.

Lil Ugly Mane!


The new $ilkmoney record is sounding pretty good to me. Weirdo psychedelic abstract rap that should appeal to fans of Danny Brown, JPEGMafia etc. Some pretty out there moments… Dude is a strong rapper and sounds like Busta Rhymes at times.


Big score for this on p4k today. It’s good.

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I’ve had him on my “to listen” list for a while now. Feels as if now is a good time to start.

Yeah, have liked bits before, but this is the first project that’s really grabbed me. Was thinking it had the potential to be a bit of a lower key XXX style breakout, and the p4k cosign won’t do any harm.

Just had this on in the car, it’s really great! Find a lot of rap at the moment a bit too laid back for me, so loved the energy on this. Looking forward to spending some time with it.

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