2022 UK Elections

In my experience the more small time it is the more misplaced ego/ambition/ignorance is a factor in the candidate being downright obstinate. Councillors can be the absolute worst for this.

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Useful link for NI People. Alliance for Choice have tried to get every candidate to confirm their stance on abortion.

Predictably grim reading, especially for the SDLP and Sinn Fein


Local Labour councillors are mostly a great bunch of Marxists, especially now that the Terf one fucked off last year, but I still can’t bring myself to campaign for the party in its current state.

Dunno what the mood is like locally but the Lib Dems around here are all weird NIMBYs who lie about stuff in the local Facebook groups so I hope people don’t give them their vote in protest against the national Labour party.

Presupposes a lot of things about people voting Green, tbh. There’s plenty of areas where the greens are more likely to win than Labour, while also having some positive impact. I say this as someone with a brother who’s a councillor for the Greens (and replaced a Tory in becoming one)


Literally everyone but Labour wants it gone because Bristol’s political leanings and the second preference electoral system mean that it’s almost impossible for anyone but Labour to win. Given how much of the city votes Green these days a move to proportional representation seems like a good thing.

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Thing is, round a chunk of the MME’s way, Labour could lose 1/3 of the seats and till have a comfortable hold on the council, so a few seats lost to the greens to increase scrutiny and a bit of push back wouldn’t be a bad thing.


No elections in Ribble Valley. We don’t even get the faint hope of not being totally destroyed by Tory gerrymandering.

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Gotta catch them all

I have everyone now except one independent who only has one poster up


I think i get a lot because I live beside a polling station

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Are you HBC? I was reading Labour’s manifesto and was surprisingly impressed with it

No, I’m TWBC. I’ve met with some of the Hastings members previously, though, and they seemed very switched on.

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Braces/wine/floor lad from the Tory Covid Christmas party is standing in the local elections

Bad Cuntery, No Rules

England Councils - FPTP - a single X in single-member wards. Edit: a mixture of single-member AND multi-member, apparently. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Northern Ireland Assembly - STV - rank 1, 2, 3, etc in multi-member constituencies.
Scotland Councils - STV - rank 1, 2, 3, etc in multi-member wards.

Got it.

Wales Councils - Also FPTP, but also multi-member wards. :person_shrugging:t3: That’s a new one on me.

BBC says:

If there is more than one councillor in a ward voters will get more than one vote. It is first past the post, so the winners in the ward are the candidates who win the most votes.

Electoral Commission says

Local council elections in Wales use the first-past-the-post system. The ballot paper will list the candidates for your area. You can vote for as many candidates as there are councillor vacancies, by putting a cross [ X ] in the box next to your choice.

And that’s seemingly just a temporary measure. Cos Wiki says:

Councils can also choose whether to conduct elections under first-past-the-post voting or the single transferable vote, although this will not come into effect until at least 2027, as councils need to give advance notice of such a change.[10][11]

wrote some messages to the candidates on my ballot paper

before anyone explains how votes are counted and what happens when you write on your ballots etc. thanks but I already know


Couldn’t explain as I’m really not sure I know. Just total them up and bin them off? Or something else?

a doubtful ballot goes to the (acting) returning officer for adjudication, and this is overseen by the candidates’ agents (and sometimes the candidates themselves)

so if someone has drawn a penis, you might get e.g. two candidates arguing over who the penis was for


there are lots of examples showing ballots being marked incorrectly but votes still being allowed

makes me wonder if some people think they’ve spoiled their ballot but have accidentally cast a valid vote

That’s my voting method in all future elections sorted :grinning: