2022 UK Elections

Was lookng through the Glasgow polling results, ward by ward, scanning through the polling stations.

Cos I know how to have a good time.

Thought I’d see which polling station had the lowest turnout.

Turns… out… (YES!), aside from clear anomalous outliers, it’s 13%.

What’s the vibe of that area, I wonder, taking a look at the polling station on Google StreetView, and exactly opposite, on the other side of the road…

:fu: See you in the Shop Names thread! :fu:

13% though! :grimacing:


Hope that guy enjoyed his quavers while glowering at the Streetview car.


There was a Police & Crime Commissioner election here a few years ago. Turnout was about 20%, and one station didn’t take a single vote :smiley:


New rule: anyone standing for election to this particular role, but ending up with an overall turnout of less than [50]% for all candidates combined gets jailed for the full term for which they would otherwise have been elected for.