2023 DiS Hip-Hop Albums of the Year thread - RESULTS NOW

Kicking this off again after last year’s pretty successful attempt!

for now can just be a place for general chat about favs of the year or thinking about your lists. In the end though anyone who wants to join can post a list of up to 10 ranked entries to be tallied up to find the ultimate DiS hip hop album (of this calendar year)

won’t be doing actual results until early January, to allow for any standouts late coming albums to be included

link to last year’s results


my number 1 has been wrapped up with a bow for about 6 months now, but lots of other good stuff to work through for the rest of the spots

Not sure I have number 1 yet as my overall list keeps on changing. The past month has thrown up a fair few that may trouble the top 5, though.

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Really want to do a top 10 with no billy woods/Armand Hammer for the first time in years.

lol good luck, this year of all years


Maps got to be a shoo-in. WBDTS though - that actually fell out of rotation pretty quickly, much as I loved it initially.

Killer Mike is one that seemed to fall away as soon as the first week passed for me, forgot it til just making up my shortlist now


Laughing at myself on the old thread saying I’d be more organised this year - the organisation was seemingly just dumping all the albums & EPs on monthly playlists.

it wasn’t very good, unfortunately


I listen to precious little hip hop, but these ones landed for me this year:

  1. Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - Maps (of course)
  2. Danny Brown - Quaranta
  3. Shabazz Palaces - Robed in Rareness
  4. Paris Texas - MID AIR
  5. JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown - Scaring the Hoes
  6. Iceboy Violet - Not a Dream But a Controlled Explosion

Not listened to the Killer Mike album. Not had any real desire to tbh. Probably due to my RTJ fatigue, something I never thought i’d get. Saying that, if El-P put out a solo album tomorrow, i’d be all over it.

Need to get around to that Shabazz Palace’s album too.

Need to go back through this. There are so many of these that didn’t even get a second listen, let alone stay in rotation.


gonna steal this system next year i think. been relying on the big playlist to remember what i’ve listened to, gets a bit unwieldy once we’re a few months in

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I wish I’d done it sooner. Only started in 2020, but it is interesting to skim those lists when I’m stuck for something to listen to. Amazing how many things I had forgotten about.

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Given my list above, anything you can recommend from your list for me?

Vague thoughts in no particular order:

-Danny Brown +JPEG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Danny Brown’s solo lp

-Aesop Rock might possibly have delivered the best album right as the year was winding down (though that might just be recency bias - it’s probably going to be Maps isn’t it?)

-I’m definitely not suffering RTJ fatigue but I found Killer MIke’s LP very forgettable.

-I remember liking Open Mike Eagle’s latest but every time I go to re-listen I end up just sticking Brick Body Kids or Anime, Trauma on instead cos I love them.

About a 40 album shortlist, but think ive already earmarked 9 favs from the off

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Trying to stick to 50 this year, but re-listened to 8 albums from January alone today!


Hmm. Tough, but if I was to pick 5 with a track from each I’d go…

Skech185 and Jeff Markey. Only 9 tracks, quite abrasive in places but I really enjoy it.
Suggested track - Western Automatic Music Part 2 feat. billy woods and Collasoul Structure

AJ Suede & Televangel
Love a single producer album. Think these guys work really well together. Sprinkling of interesting guests.
Suggested track - Mount Doom

Open Mike Eagle - another triumph of ghetto engineering
Not his best album but he’s such an engaging and likeable artist this is probably as good an entry point as any.
Suggested track - BET’s rap city feat. Young Zee

Bisk & Dylantheinfamous - Delicafe
Extremely low fi UK rap. I feel like this’ll be a very Marmite listen, but I love how he pairs a woozy, almost drill type delivery, over these weird ambient beats. He sampled Boards of Canada on another release this year and I feel like that’s a big influence.
Suggested track - Outside

Blockhead - The Aux
This is worth a spin front to back because it has so many interesting artists on it. A nice snapshot of indie rap at the moment.
Suggested track - Pink Lemonade ft. RXK Nephew


Thought this was coming in way too early, but then I can really think of anything coming out in the next few weeks that might trouble the lists