2023 DiS Hip-Hop Albums of the Year thread

I love glorious game by El Michels Affair & Blackthough

Suggested Track - the title track Glorious Game
That chorus is sooo good.


My top 5

Billy Woods
Armand Hammer
Boldy James

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Forgot Aesop Rock!! That’s probably my number 3

Not sure I can do a list yet, but a couple of my non Billy favourites…


TisaKorean (loads of fun this, not seen it mentioned much. He’s not a great rapper, but his aesthetic is cool, and I’ve returned to this a lot)


Skech185 & Jeff Markey

Phiik & Lungs (this is a bit too long / samey, but in the right mood it’s really cool / unique)



Veeze (prob my fave non-Billy / Cas rap record this year. Doesn’t reinvent anything, but had it on loads, I think he’s got a real, unique charisma)

Then non-eligible as it’s an EP but adore the IZCO & Reek0 that came out a few weeks back.


don’t think i ever revisited the album, but uhhh huh is a great track

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(I take no responsibility for these being NSFW!)

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Yeah, it’s cool. It’s obviously a bit of pastiche but it’s tons of fun & he’s a charismatic performer. I’m not sure it’s a great rap album, but I’ve enjoyed listening to it.

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Y’all got 6 weeks! Take your time

Oh I’m miles away from a list, but been fun thinking about it.

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reckon i’ve got 9 of a top ten sorted, got to keep a space open just in case ‘almighty so 2’ actually does come out (it won’t)

Trying to decide if the Fielded album should be on my list. A good three quarters of the songs on it have rap features, so i’m thinking it’s definitely an option… :thinking:

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I’ve started my general document yesterday. I went through every 2023 release I had saved on Apple Music, split them into four tiers based on vibes and add them one by one to the list. I’m still in the lowest tier which means the current highest placed hip hop album on there is currently Guilty Simpson and Uncommon NASA’s Escalation, a fun album that I doubt will be high up by the time I’m finished, followed by Open Mike Eagle and the High Bias BackwoodzStudioz compilation

The lowest ranked one is currently Pink Tape by Lil Uzi Vert, with Killer Mike and Estee Nack slightly ahead. All big letdowns imo

glancing at the top tier I expect Danny Brown, Billy Woods/Armand Hammer, Blockhead, Ghais Guevara, Pink Siifu, Decuma, Manco Wilder to do well, though there are glaring holes I’ll be looking to fill too


I’m definitely including it in my re-listening schedule & thinking for my list.

Hopefully won’t need all 6 but good to know, started on February’s potentials today.

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Oh wow, this is superb. Right up my street. Thanks for highlighting!

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I’ve now finished this first draft and SURPRISE!!! Maps is the top hip hop placement (at 3rd overall, Armand Hammer is also in the top 10)

Also digging the sound of that Bisk album. Will have to give it a proper listen very soon.

Also turns out it was already on my to listen list. Probably a good chance to take it off.

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Highlight of that LP is the first half of that Andre 3000 track where you get a taste of what a non-flute solo LP of his might sound like, before the track sort of runs out of steam and they fail to really bring it over the finish line.

the DJ Muggs album is a really good one as well, on relisten it’s up there with Blockhead for producer-projects

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Just so i don’t forget…

Putting that Rome Streetz - Wasn’t Built in a day back in main rotation so i don’t forget. That was a killer LP.

More Maps love over here. Really went off diabetic strips quite quickly though so will probably revisit that.

Kool Keith was spectacular on the one with Real Bad Man so that should feature highly.

More to come :smiley:

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