2023 Festival Lineups


Looks like I’m seeing Hawthorne Heights and Yellowcard in 2023


Is Wide Awake going back to a single day do we know? That put me off attending this year - the acts I wanted to see were spread over the two days. Last year’s was bloody brilliant however - so many bands…

There is only 1 date mentioned - what happened this year, was it always 2 days or did they add an extra date as the lineup expanded?

Was one day last year then two days this year. The lineup last year was absolutely rammed tbf…

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Yeah what I meant is was it always 2 days this year, from the first announcement?

Think so :thinking:


Tempted to pick up an early bird ticket for just under £40, although not quite enough on that lineup yet to really seal the deal.

Yeah, it’s been properly confirmed to be just the one day this year


See you there!

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You sure will!

Except I’m goin saaaaf

See you nowhere!

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That’s a pretty rammed line-up for a one-dayer. If this was in the south of England I’d seriously consider trying to convince some school mates to go along and wallow in the nostalgia.

Funny that they’re so open in the demographic they’re going that they’ve even named it ‘When We Were Young’.


absolutely sick of depot mayfield


Three different sized alphabetical sections, with “A-Z” at the start to make it clear they’re alphabetical. Trying to think what led to them thinking that was the best option.