2023 Holiday Thread

Because right now we all need something to look forward to, AMIRITE?

I booked some Easyjet flights last night to go and see the surfing in Portugal in March. Just a long weekend, but it’s a little glimmer of hope for the future.

Tell me your plans…


Skiing in feb. Never been before so no idea if it’ll be fun, but going with our pals and godson, so looking forward to the Apres bit at the very least.


SE Asia in October for a couple weeks

So in that gap it’ll either be doing the Large Disneyland in Florida, or some kind of road trip in the states, TBC.


Going to Australia and New Zealand in 9 days! having that last minute panic of not being ready.

It’s going to be a long 2023 having used up a lot of my annual leave in Jan/Feb


i have given up my life for a child so perhaps no holidays this year

have fun guys!


Booked so far.

Freebie to meet the missus’ parents in Cyprus in March
5 days in Bilbao/San Sebastian in June

Gonna do something in autumn and winter too.


link your child to this thread


Where are you going?

Gonna go back to the alps, but more likely to be in the summer for me

she not here yet but i will

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I have some leave booked for March, one weekend of which is a mates stag do in the UK, but I should really start thinking about what to do with the rest of it. I was thinking about Croatia, but I’ve heard it’s quite expensive now.

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I’ve been interrogating the TUI site since we got back from SA but I’m struggling to persuade Wor Lass that we need to spend the money.

I’m well aware a week of all inclusive sun over the summer isn’t a necessity but I could really do with something to look forward to.


Pals and I have been talking about a trip to Sweden for years, maybe it’ll finally happen, maybe we’ll flake again.

Might do a couple of solo trips this year depending on how my schedule works out.

somewhere near anicee? no clue :smiley:

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(Best place)

Could be actually skiing in a number of places then. Enjoy!

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Yes that’s the one! I’ll find out exactly where - our pals have a chalet there (La Dee fucking Da) so I’m kind of just amiably shambling my way to the snow without any knowledge

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Have said it a few times on here but I really fucking love Sweden. Would live there in a heartbeat

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Another week of this weather and she might change her mind

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Can’t remember where it is but we have an open invitation to use my friends’ uncles holiday home there and we’d be all-time dopes to pass it up. Hope we can work it out this time.

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Booked flights to Thailand last year for February this year, now need to decide what we’re doing there. What’s good in Thailand?

Portugal and that’s about it so far. Don’t count the trips down to the in-laws as holidays. Wedding in Derbyshire in September which Mrs is a bridesmaid at so I’m probably going to get dragged into doing the whole “hold this, wait there…not there, there” thing.

Think that will probably about it being beholden to school holidays fucking sucks. But least we have places to go that are in nice places that are cheap.

Stay in bangkok for a bit, go up north if you want more cities and down south if you want islands

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