2023 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Brighton on Sunday and not sold out…


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Nice. Love Drae Da Skimask.

strong on first listen, and nice and weird. love Star In Their Eyes

No real idea where to post this, but loved this on the drive to work this morning.

UK rap, first half reminded me of the mellower Boy In Da Corner stuff. 2nd half a bit more modern. On Eglo which is always a plus.

Think I’ll come back to it a lot.

anyone at the Souls of Mischief shows over this week?

really relieved that I like this, Community Dick was awful but the recent singles are much better

Yeah, going tonight. Did you?

I set an alert for tickets for tonight in case, but think im doing catch up drinks wit an old friend instead. Nearly had a 3 gig weekend on my hands!

Did you do the saatchi gallery street art thing btw? I feel like I remember you were one of the people chatting about it

I did, yeah. Was excellent! Well worth seeing.

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Loved those first two albums but this sounds like a (pretty low key) chorus in search of a song to me. Slim Jimmy’s a bag of shit anyway so it’s good to see them slide out of relevance.

Gonna pop along to the Saatchi gallery thing when I’m back from NY.

Whilst I’m in NY though, I’ll be going to this…


It’s a must see. Some great stuff in the gift shop too. This is amazing.

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Yeah, loved that. Just wish I had more time - two hours flew by, but I know I skipped over some of the smaller sections, the details in the diaries and personal Polaroids etc.

Could have done with another hour easily, but that’s what you get for being distracted by record shopping in the morning then having to rush for a train!

Bought the exhibition poster of the guy with the radio, such a cool image. Was tempted by the exhibition book but £45 is a fair whack. Would love to track down these too if they’re still in print

Also how were Souls of Mischief?

Have been hoping for a reprint of ‘Watching my name go by’ for years.


Haha christ

Wait, you know they’re the same thing just with different names? I think I read that right - or are the simultaneous releases but one focused on America and one uk?

Because you can get Faith of Graffiti for like £25 for a reprint or £70 for an original