2023 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Love it, what a pairing, what a time to be alive


Fuck me, nearly a decade since the Midnight Life, where does the time go :sob:

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New Navy Blue ready for tomorrow!


look forward to this… Had Navy’s Reprise on again recently for a spell and it’s really good.

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don’t think i like jpegmafia


definitely doesn’t have the, hmm, cohesion of Navy’s Reprise so far and a few tracks aren’t doing much for me - but overall very good. and i do like when these hazier, laid-back rappers start to bring in crisper bright beats. Gives everything a different feel and focus

also 35 mins might be my ideal indie-rap album length nowadays

Yeah, not grabbing me on first listen I gotta say. Navy’s Reprise kicks off so strongly it grabs you from the first listen. This hasn’t, yet.

Kool Keith’s album was surprisingly enjoyable.

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Yeah, I don’t think I’ve been able to sit through an entire JPEGMAFIA album more than once. Not even Danny Brown will be changing that.


I really liked Veteran, but it’s literally the only album of his i’ve liked. Haven’t gone back to it for years though. I really like the work he did on the last Danny Brown album, but that was kinda restrained due to the fact Q-Tip was executively producing it. Everything else he’s done is just too in your face and rAnDoM and too much of his standard production in one go can be grating.

I’ll probably give it a listen at some point.


It definitely feels more like a Jpegmafia album feat. Danny Brown

I’m over Jpeg’s lyrical shtick but his production is wild. If there was a release of instrumentals I’d be all over it.

Just started the Navy Blue album. Production is ok, but yeah, doesn’t have the immediacy his last two had. May need a few more listens.

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only a few tracks in but yeah, this is good stuff

Some interesting guests. Not heard Cool Calm Pete on anything for a while.

Got Navy Blue on again whilst working, as it pisses down with rain outside. Into it.

To Fall in Love is my current standout

The track with Liv.e is the stand out for me. But I love everything she’s done, so was always gonna stand out over most of the album.

looking forward to this now, didn’t know it was happening. was my favourite rapper late 90s/early 00s

Yeah, one of mine too. So many mad releases in that period - Dr Octagon, Cenobites, Matthew, Sex Style…

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yeah man, that was the time! All of those were golden, and analogue brothers. His rhymes were second to none

and black elvis and first come first served! (had both of these robbed from me on vinyl :frowning: )

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Yeah. They were both great. Was on a bit of a Godfather Don kick the other week, and this popped up…

Loved the two of them together. Such a great pairing.

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Album is WILD! Not sure how much longevity it’s got, but it’s a lot of fun. Quite nice to hear something so wildly, wilfully out of step with that prevalent kind of Mike style production too.