🌟 21 days of Happiness/Positive Mindset 🌟

down with a chest infection today so (1) is off the cards, but I’m ill for a good reason cos i was out until 2 this morning with the gf and her mate doing halloween stuff. So that’s technically (4). Vibing while working on my late night playlist atm (technically 2?) Made my gf a nice cuppa this morning and told her some mushy stuff (5).

(3) i think is hardest, not much new right now :thinking:

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  1. Decided to take the stairs at work today - completely stacked it on the mat in the entrance which put paid to that so I took the lift :smiley:

I’ll try again tomorrow - definitely like the idea of this. Have started on the old meditation recently, and can definitely vouch for it!


Great idea meow.
I know I won’t do all of this but I am going to try and do as many as possible as often as possible! :grinning::+1:

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So I am actually really going to try to do this. Madhouse.

  1. Walked up the stairs at work rather than using the lift, and am planning on getting off the bus 2 stops earlier to have a little stroll (going to resist the urge to smoke during this stroll also.
  2. Going to try the alternate nostril breathing @meowington posted after the kids go to bed
  3. A.)I am grateful a colleague bought in left over candy to provide me with the requisite sugar rushes to get me through the day.
    B.) I am grateful that I was allowed to book tomorrow off work
  4. Not got anything yet……
  5. Not got anything yet……

I also sent it round my team at work saying it may help with some of the upcoming work pressures……perhaps that’s an act of kindness (I thought it kind of meowington to post it after all)

God I hope this doesn’t turn into my only entry in this thread!

this is super nice!

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Not gonna do this everyday but sharing might get people to do it

  1. When the missus got out of bed this morning she put the covers back over my shoulders so I didn’t get cold & everyone at the office was pleased to see me as I’ve not been in for a bit
  2. My mate told his missus that they needed to change their holiday plans for next year as it clashes with my wedding
  3. Went and checked on my parents house as they’re on holiday.
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Day one, November 1st

  1. Cycled to work. Will cycle home too, obv.
  2. To be completed after my tea.
  3. a) I went and got some books out of the library. All female authors which is pretty cool. The fact I walked out with four books I’m excited about reading makes me very grateful to have the Barbican Library so close. b) A colleague has gifted me something which will improve my life a bit, and he didn’t want anything in return. Lovely.
  4. I sorted out a life admin thing that I had should have sorted out in February 2017. The guy I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and it took all of five minutes.
  5. Told a colleague his lunch looked amazing, thanked another colleague for some work she did. Told my boss I like her jumper.



Its made me happy seeing others doing stuff like this! Its so annoying when you put easy things off. I’m glad you got it sorted!

sorry I missed today, can I start tomorrow pls?

There’s still 7 hours left of today!!!

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cba to be happy today sorry :pensive:

Find something Bam!
Did you have a particularly nice cup of tea? or see a cute bird out the window? Or get snuggly on the sofa?

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Day 1

  1. I walked to the post office and the supermarket (achievement on a WFH day!) also gonna pop to yoga in a min.
  2. I did my alternate nostril breathing this morning in bed.
  3. I went to a new massage place and had a sports massage which is good cause it’s relieved some of the tension and she’s a great sports masseuse. I watched the new trailer for VPR which makes me very happy.
  4. My positive experience was snuggling in bed with the cat this morning whilst having a cup of tea.
  5. I told some DiS mummies they’re cool (I haven’t spoken to another human being today!)

bless you for trying, that’s very kind of you :slight_smile:

No positive thing is too small!

Also, that was one of the 5 tasks! You said it was kind. That’s made me feel nice :slight_smile:


yeah that was a nice little exchange we just had wasn’t it?

I feel like people don’t really acknowledge the value of small things like this much but it really can make a difference to your day :+1:

Having a pretty awful day, so I am trying this to think of the better parts:

  1. Brisk walk too/from the shops via a slightly longer route.
  2. Just did about two minutes of calm breathing.
  3. I found some of the toys I wanted to get R from Lidl for Christmas; @meowington said I was cool.
  4. Struggling on this one :frowning:
  5. Complimented someone for handling a situation really well and with sensitivity.

I do actually think that this helped me today. I was feeling pretty grumpy yesterday after work which spilled into a disturbed night’s sleep, but it definitely helped.


  1. Not a huge amount of exercise but I cycled to and from the station. I actually quite like cycling in the dark. The rain has stopped so that was quite pleasant
  2. I’m going to be doing my meditation in the form of prayer. I don’t really talk about faith on here but when I take it seriously I focus less on myself and more on others, and feel more grateful / thankful about stuff. I spent a few quiet minutes before getting ready for work this morning.
  3. Things I’m grateful for: sounds obvious but I was thinking how much amazing music there is. Just listening to the case/lang/veirs album and admiring well their voices / talents fit together. That’s one. And the second? I don’t know: for all of my moaning, the opportunity I’ve been given at work is genuinely excellent. And my boss was really kind to me in my 1:1.
  4. I emailed the person who wound me up yesterday to clear the air with her. I also apologised to one of the other managers who was involved, and cleared the air with him. I find it so easy to hang on to stuff when it offends me. It felt good to let go, even if it meant conceding ground.
  5. I gave my eldest a letter that I’d written her last night. She’d had a rough start to the half term and was having meltdowns at school and getting in trouble. So I wrote her a letter telling her how amazing I thought she was and how proud I was of her. Not sure if she read it or not but she can hang on to it, I hope.

I’ve not really looked in the mirror much today. My hair’s looking a bit rubbish so maybe I’ve not fulfilled the bonus part!


aww, no.5 is so nice! What a great dad

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not sure ive got the memory to do this every day but im trying to be better at this sort of thing. today i remembered that i was supposed to pick up a prescription when i was already halfway to the bus stop. usually id call myself an idiot and carry on and get the bus home and then realise again later ive run out of my meds and kick myself again (like i did yesterday when i realised id forgotten halfway home) but instead i turned round, heading to boots, decided it was good that im bothering to go and get it and to turn it into a treat by listening to the shape of punk to come and buying a nice coffee for the bus ride home :+1: