21% of DiSers claim to not have a microwave!





Had one for a bit once. Don’t really have space for it where we are now and barely used it so we got rid of it.

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I do have one, but rarely use it. I prefer to reheat leftovers in the oven.


I am… inhales solemnly

one of the 21%.

No space for one and never notice the lack of it whatsoever :man_shrugging:

also don’t have a toaster or a freezer, fight me




Stayed at a friends house once and he didn’t have a microwave for space reasons, highly suspect, had to reheat our Chinese takeaway in the oven

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How many tellies have you got, m9?


Don’t know why people dislike them. Ideal for heating up leftovers if you live alone, ideal for porridge in the mornings, etc.


Weird wording, but yeah.


you won’t like this one bit big man but I’ve got one telly and it’s not even connected up as a TV. just use the HDMI to run a laptop or PS4 through it


Yeah, you’re right. Amended.


My microwave’s ‘sensor’ mode is a total game changer


What you all fuckin wit?

  • 650w
  • 700w
  • 750w
  • 800w
  • 1000w
  • I cook my ready meals in a nuclear reactor

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sure is. Only food items i put in the microwave really are on my sensor settings. Popcorn, eggs, baked potato, etc.

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Ooh, I’m going to try popcorn, last time I tried that I wasn’t paying attention and it caught fire


Shouldn’t catch if it has a popcorn setting.

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Never had one until I moved in here and it came with the flat. Don’t use it.

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This was pre sensor mode microwave

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950 :sunglasses:


Frankly in awe at 900w+ power ballers