21st century dating etiquette - hypothetical scenario poll and discussion

well both really, I couldn’t date a poly person because of my own insecurities, probably a debate to be had about whether this is a good enough reason to believe you shouldn’t date anyone at all actually

All mine contain the line “Happily married, ethically non-monogamous”

I didn’t do that to start with (because I was feeling shitty about getting few enough matches anyway) but I always brought it up within the first few messages.

I always expected anger when I raised it but everyone was very nice and if they weren’t interested they were at least appreciative of the honesty.

I feel more comfortable being poly/non monogamous now and get that if someone is not 100% behind it enough to not be put off by that line then it’s never going to be ok.

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For me if it had got to that stage and I found out they were texting others I’d be really upset. But I am a bit of a wimp and I know that modern dating is different and that I have to adapt to it and not the other way round. Just an old romantic fool I guess.

Personally I’d probably have that exclusivity conversation very quickly to quell my brain farts.