23rd December - Black Eye Friday II - The Bruisening


It’s my last day at work until January.

No classes today but they’re offering a buffet, wine and a Xmas quiz at 12.30 for staff.

Important statistics:
50% working day
20% productivity


Last day here too (though working from home). Tonnes to do if I want to get on with it. But I don’t.

Watched it’s a wonderful life last night at the cinema- such a good Christmas film. Off to Star Wars tonight. Should be fun!


Half day today


Working a half day. Our car’s clutch appears to be shot, so need to sort that out for our drive oop north tomorrow. This is making me slightly nervous as the problem has been known for nearly two weeks now and I’ve neglected to sort it for christ knows what reason…

Merry Christmas eve eve everyone!


I got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re gonna hear about it!


I have one of the following as I’ve been up since 2am

  • the flu
  • tonsillitis
  • sinus infection
  • ear infection


please rank in order of preference…?

(get well soon meo)


think someone at work is a DiSer.



Off now for Xris Xringle (Christmas) Nice long lie in (6am) and up hanging with the baby, whilst mother recovers from lack of sleep (glug glug) Baby decided to absolutely destroy his clothes after breakfast and I am not the best at dressing him so no doubt put him in some special ceremonial dress I wasn’t meant to but I am trying my best I really am. Note to Inventors (Trevor Bayliss, Japan) why not invent a full body nappy/diaper already?


its too early for a banal thread isn’t it… :frowning:


I’d prefer to have tonsillitis because I can take an antibiotic and it’ll calm down quite quickly but I think it’s an ear infection too which would suck. I hope it’s not flu but I’ve been sweating and sick and all sorts.

I visited my bfs 4 year old cousin in hospital on Wednesday who has Kawasaki disease and she licked my face which in hindsight was not a good idea


please tell me one of the symptoms is that she thinks shes a motorbike

Thread for showing off

met hexagram yesterday, turns out we worked in the same building for about 18 months, and a third DiSer worked there also


It’s not infectious so your ok on that front


its a small world after all


Morning. Not at work, thought I’d had a lie-in :frowning:
Might go for a run in a bit then see if any pals are around in Colchester.
Merry Christmas eve eve


tony shalhoub in this episode of frasier. always enjoy a bit of the shalhoub.


Last day! (Until Wednesday, anyway)

It’s the first day this week that I actually have work to do, but finishing at 4 and going to pick my new car up :smiley: :race_car:


It’s my last day at work until … next Wednesday. And we’re celebrating the last working day before Christmas by finishing… at 4pm. (I normally finish at 4.20pm).

We’re getting Nando’s for lunch today (takeout) so it’s not all bad.


It’s a wonderful life is great
this year was first time I’ve watched it where I didn’t cry & also never really noticed that George isn’t that likeable before.