24/8/17 Thursday thread

No ****ing around today. Posting in here.


Today’s my Friday. Hooking up with the cycling gang and the scotch gang tomorrow

My Friday as well, quite a bit to get done tho

Day started well. Was listening to Bees Mode in the car, wound down the window to get into the car park – turned off the music but forgot to switch off my brain and managed to greet Frank at the gate with “BEES MODE!”.

Working like a motherfucker today so ideally I won’t be on here much. Never happens.

I have a hospital review appointment and about three hours of work I need to show my face for. If I can complete all of the things I need to do for Monday and Tuesday (mainly photocopying and a bit of editing documents/ writing assessments), I don’t need to be at work tomorrow.

This means today could be my Friday.

Honestly thought it was Friday.

Bit annoying because I get the results for the exam I did a couple of weeks ago on Friday.

My nieces go to playgroup so my plans of knocking about with them for the day are out. Probably contact my sister to meet them after.

Probably walk the dog but she’s hurt her leg so probably be just a short one. Then maybe read or go buy some nice food.

Meeting some ATDs later. Apparently there is a new person in the group, feel like I’m being replaced.

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Went past the seagull that sits outside this window everyday. The only OK seagull

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Can’t believe I’ve got another 35 years of this shit.


Check out Mr Early Retirement with his retiring-aged-70ish plans!

We’ll all be posting here well into our eighties.

67ish, THANKS.

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Also that’s Dr Early Retirement to you, “pal”.


Oh it’s payday already. That’s a pleasant surprise.

WFH awaiting the delivery of two bedside tables. Truly a thrilling existence!

My cotton plant is showing no signs of any cotton in time for my anniversary :cry: In hindsight we don’t get enough sun in this country.

Bought a Hario V60 like some kind of :coffee: wanker.

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The Shins were surprisingly great last night.

I know it’s the cliché and their ‘big hit’, but New Slang absolutely floored me. Might have welled up a bit. Felt like without realising I’d been waiting 16 years to see that live.

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Let’s see 'em! How’s the house coming along laddy? You bought any more bits and pieces since the kitchen table? I was looking at hammocks yesterday because I think it’s the last piece of furniture I haven’t scoped out. Not quite sure where to buy a hammock from though…

This is my Friday and for the immediate future weekends don’t exist cos it’s my LASTTT DAY.

Hank Scorpio has some suggestions.


Couldn’t remember what they looked like at all! Apparently it’s two of these.

Only thing possibly left is a coffee table, but we’ve not looked for one recently - like bedside tables they’re all surprisingly expensive!

Yoes, slept in, just made tea … TMI but making tea when basically naked is hazardous. Dropped my teabag from a fair height and got some seriously burning hot splashback :grimacing:

Going to pick up my framed pictures today!! Hope they don’t look like shit. Got to pack for wedding tomorrow too and hand wash dress :confused: almost had a disaster when I thought I’d left my magic pants at the last hotel I stayed in. DO NOT WORRY! They have been found.

Ugh… think I might go buy something from Zara to cheer myself up :smiley:

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