25/10/2016-Evening thread


How’s everyone doing?
Up to much tonight?
Anything nice for tea?


Hello Matthew

I am ok thank you, how are you?
I will leave at around 20:30 hopefully and then see what we’ve got recorded on the telly when I get in
I have Chinese on it’s way


“I was in late last night”
“oh really”
“yeah, they’d even started the evening thread on dis before I left”


Good to hear you’re ok. I’m good ta.
What Chinese dishes will you be tucking into?


alright man.

gonna have a bean burger or two, maybe watch something on Mubi and go to bed dead, dead early.



What’s early in your world… 9ish?


Sweet and sour chicken balls and Singapore special rice. I won’t even enjoy them. I’ve lost all basic sense of self-discipline at this stage (also self-worth to a lesser extent)



Ordered a pizza

Bought a coat off the internet. Hope it comes soon. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Want to watch something tonight. Might start Breaking Bad.


playing Sufjan Stevens songs on acoustic. pretty easy, really, but nice. and I know them well enough to sing along.

think I might focus on strengthening my singing voice for a bit and then learn to play some more complicated songs. might have another look at my Elliott Smith tab book.

(hello, by the way)


yeah man, into bed at 9 or so, open book and asleep 5 minutes later

used to be a real night owl, but these days I tend to go to bed between 9 and 10 mon to fri and get up at 5. unless something is on, or it’s the weekend…where I’ll stay up til 4-5am Fri & Sat



Just waiting for my dinner to be ready. Had work today which was mostly ok except for someone being a real pain in the ass in the last half hour or so.

Got to go to the bank to fix a couple of things tomorrow (ughhhh) and then prepare for a panel I’m participating in on Thurs so that I don’t come across as a complete idiot.


Gunna knock up a quick thai curry, go play football then eat it when I get back, maybe while watching the football. @bird can I get a rating out of 10 for the jazzness of this as an evenings plans


RIP @bird :sob:


Hello all!

Feeling okay todau, much better than the last few days. Spent the day postering, then met with a friend to compile tracks for an EP. Picked up ‘Smile’ by Boris on LP and am listening to it now.

Will be watching the Spurs vs. Liverpool game this evening with ATDs and will attempt to write two articles after that.


man, this sounds like an evening of pure jazz life. one question, are you a maverick, workshy number 10 type, or a slugger defender?


What’s the panel wr?


It’s on women in film and so on and so forth. Don’t think there’s going to be a huge crowd judging by the fb event.


Will be at work for another 30 mins, then round to the in-laws for dinner and wine. Bit tired but will try to be sociable.


Interesting stuff though. You never know, sometimes FB numbers can lie. Might get a few walk-ins.


watching that episode of Louie where Jane thinks she’s dreaming. absolutely perfect.

man, I reckon season 4 could be the best of the lot