27th - Back to work thread

Fuck right off.


This isn’t much fun.


:weary: do not want

Back to work with a bang

I booked myself off til the 2nd, praise be :raised_hands:t2:


You can’t make me leave the house.

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Just got back from work, then back again this evening. Was fine as was just a sleep-in and just ate some more mince pies and ham

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I’ve woken up this morning, and decided that I’m not starting work again until January.

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Voted Virgin as they once got us drunk because we went first class cause our mate said it would be worth it when we went up to the lakes and then they well late on the way up and kept demanding we put a claim in so got most of our money back too, except our mate, who somehow lost her tickets.


Oh seriously! I’d tried so hard to block that from memory. No wonder they got us all drunk and then failed as a business.


Oh god the talking toilet :scream:
Make it stop!!!


Looking at beds today. Also need to do some exercise as I’ve built up quite the energy reserves this last week. Thankfully the bed place is about 30 mins walk away, so that will help. Might hopefully be meeting some friends for a few boozes today. Need to sort out a pud to take to my brother’s for lunch tomorrow. Talk to you soon.


Good morning!

I hate to be a knob but I’m afraid I’m not back to work until Monday 6th January. Going on a little holiday to The Highlands over New Year :blush:

Today I get to open my presents!!!
Plan is-
Workout :biking_woman:
Breakfast / shower :fried_egg::shower:
Go test king size mattresses at Dreamz :sleeping_bed::dancer:
Home again for presents, lunch and a Christmas film :gift::potato::champagne::tv:
Pub with friends :champagne::beers::clinking_glasses::beers::clinking_glasses::beers::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:

Hope everyone back to work has a nice chilled day back x


Off to brazil


Today I will be - driving back to Wales, going to the tip while we still have the rental car, maybe going to the shops, and then tonight doing some work. Let’s do it!

Morning all. No work today, but I am travelling back to Cardiff, partly by train, partly by rail replacement bus, so not really looking forward to that.


My deepest sympathies


Morning all!

Stayed up later than I wanted watching football and was then raised by The Child howling at 4.30.

I’ve got to get a battery for my watch which stopped at about 10.30 on Xmas Eve.

Hiya. I’m not back to work until the 13th of January.

However I am hosting both the in-laws and my parents for dinner tonight. I’m cooking a massive Ottololenghi pie and we’re doing a murder mystery evening. Work would almost certainly be less pressure tbh.

hiya drfocter, friends

I don’t go back to work until forever because I’m unemployed again

should probably start looking for work, definitely won’t. definitely will watch cricket and drink tea.