28 Days Later


On Halloween someone should find a thread last posted in on 3rd October with the words “like the film” so it says “28 days later like the film”.

Can you believe I started a new thread for this?

Real life dissing
Comedians Pulling Punchable Faces

if there’s anyone i would believe would start it, it’d be you (and a few others)


I attended an 8 week course run by Jordan entitled “DiS is it”

You know what song was really good (but not amazing or anything like that)?

like the film


forgot to bloody bump this didn’t i.


like the film



like the film


Shouldn’t you go for 28 Weeks next time?


can you fix the site so it does that please


I can’t, sorry. You’ll have to try it and see (I guess it just says “about 7 months ago”).


like the film


made a mental note to bump this anaw!


like the fi- d’oh



like the film

<hello …why are you quoting my post?>


like the film


Unlike the film