28 [insert passage of time] later

Been wanting to rewatch 28 Days Later for ages, seems to be non existent online though and that’s when i saw speculation of it maybe being rereleased this June for its 20th anniversary and also remembered that 28 Weeks Later exists. Never seen the latter though.

Then I saw that there’s 28 Months Later in the works for next year. Potentially

Anyway, how do you think it holds up?
Was Weeks any good?
Thoughts on Months?

Havent seen Days in a while but I reckon it holds up well. According to Blank Check the reason it might not be available to watch easily is because of the music rights issues.

Find it so weird when you cant buy a film anywhere. Been wanting to rewatch My Summer of Love for ages too and its vanished. I am trying to pay you money for something you made with the aim of making money :melting_face:


Days - Definitely kickstarted the whole Zombie revival and post apocalyptic bingo despite the Zs being too fast for the purists, doesn’t seem to get much credit for that. Not seen it for a couple of years but last watch thought it held up ok, mainly those early scenes (David Schneider/Monkey business aside) - goes off rails once Eccleston shows up. The originally planned / alternate ending was bananas.

Weeks - was pretty good though haven’t seen it since it came out - again it’s the opening scenes that are the best

Months - good film will probably watch


Yeah I forgot about the alternate endings, was reading about the one that was storyboarded but not filmed and i cant really see on what planet that the blood transfusion thing made sense, though that’s why it wasnt made then i guess.

Forgot about the monkeys and Schneider too.

Interesting what you say about the Eccleston bits, i remember when it first came out thinking that part/he was really scary and found it hard to watch from a woman’s pov at least, so itll be interesting to see what that bit is like on a rewatch.

Found a torrent so going to stick it on later

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I’ve been listening to old Kermode’s and they’ve just done 28 Weeks Later, always wrote it off as a pointless sequel but it sounds pretty good

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Forgot about that but, yes is creepy. Mainly remember the squaddie making bad scrambled eggs

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28 Days Later: one of my favourite horrors, Cillian Murphy absolutely serves. I heard somewhere that it was inspired by how the Government handled the foot and mouth outbreak, so that aspect of it has aged like a fine wine.

28 Weeks Later: Not the worst film ever made, but they basically went “what did people like about the first films? Empty London? Eye gouging? Let’s do that again, but worse”. I didn’t like any of the characters anywhere near as much.


They aren’t zombies tbf

Remember watching Days loads when I was at uni, my housemate, who was blind had it on video with audio descriptions. (Also, Dog Soldiers and Cradle of Fear!)

Eye gouging scene always makes me look away

It looks absolutely terrible on a modern tv

Literally every charity shop in the UK has a copy of the DVD.


has anyone seen the prequel?

I’m really sorry, someone had to get the joke out the way


I saw 28 Days Later in the cinema a few years ago - last film at a horror all-nighter, watching it at like 4:30am was quite the experience.

28 Weeks Later is on Disney+ so ended up rewatching it at some point in the last few years. It’s kinda fine I guess. I like the pervading sense of hopelessness that sets in halfway through, and there’s a lot of now more famous people in it, which is fun.

I think there are rights issues with the IP - which is what has held up a third film for years and would presumably example why Weeks is on D+ but Days isn’t. I’d be surprised if it ever happens tbh.

(There was also a comic book that had Naomie Harris’ character being smuggled back into Britain post-Days but pre-Weeks and going on a road trip. It was pretty fun in that “let’s just explore how the country would be in this fucked up situation” way.)


Yeah, always see it knocking about (I don’t have a means to play DVDs)

Tell you one irk i remember about it.

When they’re attacking the infected they dont seem to bother covering their mouths or even closing them despite makong it clear that bloodspray can infect, not just bites. The bit where selena asks jim if he got any in his mouth then proceeds to hack mark to bits with a machete with her mouth open


I like the bit in 28DL where Frank gets blood in his eye and realises he is infected.

Re-watched both films last year. 28 Days still feels like a landmark film in both zombie (yes, they’re not zombies) and modern horror in general. I also enjoy 28 Weeks a lot - opening scene and the accompanying guilt that fuels the later story is great, Isle Of Dogs setting is good and I like the exiting an apocalypse through admin that the army’s involvement brings. Remember folk at the time suggesting it was the Aliens action style sequel to the Alien thriller style original.

28 Months has been being kicked around for so long. Original story was going to be Australia as the world’s final hold-out I believe?


Saw Days at the cinema when it came out, thought the first half was incredible with all the scenes of empty London and Godspeed’s East Hastings playing were incredible. I thought it completely lost it once they met up with Ecclestone and co, so we’re meant to believe an entire troop of squaddies has turned into rapey murderous arseholes in less than a month? I mean I’m sure one or two might jump at the chance following the collapse of civilisation, but all of them? Even a misanthrope like me thought that was stretching it a bit.

Weeks I saw on DVD and was actually a lot better than I thought it would be, I remember Total Film magazine having to apologise after putting a huge plot spoiler of a picture on the front cover of the issue when it was released.

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like the film!