28th April, Glasgow 02 Academy - The Kooks - SOLD OUT!



How did this happen?


Lot of fannies in Glasgow mate.


Let’s get this cunt!


Square go ya dick


Went past the Academy on the train this morning and saw that. Had exactly the same reaction as you.


Glasgow has a soft spot for shit home-grown (i.e. Scottish) artists (e.g. Sandi Thom/Emeli Sande/The Fratellis/The View/Amy Macdonald etc etc), which seem to maintain their popularity solely in Scotland and are largely ignored/disliked by the rest of the country (with the possible exception of Emeli Sande who seems to do well across the UK).

Every so often, we like to adopt a shit band/artist from the rest of the UK and give them senselessly high levels of adoration and attention. The Kooks are just one example.


Doings the hits I imagine, so naturally it’s going to be a sold out audience.


You’re so naïve


See also: Ocean Colour Scene, who seem to sell out huge venues in Glasgow, multiple times a year.


My thoughts exactly.


speaking of bands that start with ‘The Koo’, who the hell are the Kooples and why am i directly being targeted with their ads 24/7


It’s a fashion brand, although in fairness I thought they were band too.


I think they were a band once?


Lol every city does this


See also: Birmingham - The Twang