2k18 SIX NATIONS thread

England’s to lose on current form and quality.

Scotland to immediately dampen their inflated confidence by stumbling in Cardiff tomorrow.

Ireland to be Irish, Italy to steal the spoon once again.

Post your valued opinions on spectator sports, class, nationalism and Brexit below!

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Irish players are cunts, hope they lose every fucking match.

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I am looking forward to this.

That is all.


Wales players are cunts, hope they win every match 150-nil


I refer to this.

Fine for the Welsh and possibly Irish, very Tory for anyone else to care about


Don’t mind the ol’ Six Nations but find club level posh eggchasing a proper chore. Have tended to have a preference for Wales over the years because they’ve been a GBoL, and the evening games at the Millenium can be fucking immense, but they seem a few years past their peak now.

Probably said it before, but the good thing about not being very patriotic is you can bandwaggon it when England win and mercilessly mock them when they lose badly, and it has historically been hilarious when England balls things up, particularly Robshaw who’s always struck me as a particularly gummy posh Phil Jones.

Couldn’t name many of the squad nowadays. See England play both Wales and Ireland at home, which is surely an advantage? Historically they’ve been the two most hostile away games, no?

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No high expectations about how Wales will do. Significant numbers of injuries for a start (although that’s not exclusive to Wales of course). The only thing which might go in their favour is that 11 of the starting 15 against Scotland play for Scarlets, who are playing arguably the most exciting club rugby in Europe at the moment. If they can carry that over into the national side, then they might do a bit better than people expect. England and Ireland are still rightly the favourites to win the tournament, though.

Think we’ll lose away to England and Ireland, come 3rd or 4th

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Scotland will win the 6 nations this year.


Don’t be silly lopes. They’ll perform well, but they won’t win.


England Ireland decider on the final round.

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Yeah, I think this is about right, albeit I think Scotland might win today.

i only care about two games: wales and france, i do love those games tho

losing to scotland or italy is hilarious so doesn’t bother me

ireland and my second team so if they beat the english i’m not unhappy

Shut it rich you sassenach swine :wink:


But yeah you’re probably right :grinning:

Be very interesting to see how they come out. Think if they get some momentum they’ve got a chance but don’t have it in me to genuinely expect a scotsman to win in Cardiff.

only good thing about rugby is the hilarious welsh poet guy who does the introductions to BBC coverage with his really deep voice.

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and the goblin guy.


Good to have you on board!
They’re always agitating to add Argentina and have them play home games in Spain, would be incredible banter. And Italy would STILL constantly come last.

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